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Evidence for Clopidogrel as well as Wafarin

You may remember that about a month or so ago I asked a question about the use of these two drugs together as the GP had stopped my Clopidogrel and I was feeling unwell without it. They put me back on it but only temporarily and no longer on a repeat prescription so they review it every time. I discovered that felt so unwell as INR was low as well. Anyway I have now been asked by GP to talk to Rheumatologist direct about whether I should be on both. I think that as INR will not seem to go up despite ever increasing Wafarin dose they are going to suggest Heparin (have needle phobia). I still feel that Clopidogrel deals with some symptoms that Wafarin doesn't, though hard to judge as it has never got to a high enough INR to be considered therapeutic! Has anyone got information on a journal article or other evidence supporting the use of an anti-coagulant and a drug that acts on the platelets at the same time that I could share with Rheumatologist? I feel I am fighting a bit of a losing battle here as the medical people cannot seem to see any benefit to it, just a higher risk of a bleed. Thanks Elaine

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Hello Elaine

I was on Warfarin and 75mg Aspirin for 10 years and had no real problems. That said, i did have some bowel bleeds and some bladder bleeds too.

I am now on Fragmin (LMW Heparin) as well as 75mg Aspirin and I feel much better than I did on Warfarin. I too had a needle phobia but you may well find, as I did, that you will soon get over that and be ok with self injecting.

Good luck and Best wishes.


PS I hope soon to be able to send round a PM of some suggested dates for our postponed meeting of Bristol/Bath members.


Thanks Dave, will give it all some thought!

Yes I noticed the meeting had to be postponed, hopefully I can make the next one.


Unfortunately I'm not sure that this study actually helps your argument but it was all I could find....sorry!

I would think that a Heparin trial was in your best interest and possibly you could have it with Clopidogrel too if Aspirin upsets you but you may well find that Heparin suits you as it works differently to warfarin and many people find it suits them better. There are ways of getting you over needle phobias and the fact that you are in control of the needle makes a lot of difference......honest! :-)


Thanks for this, will give it a read through. A lot of people are on combinations so I am surprised that there is not more actual evidence for it! I am surprised about how well Clopidogrel suits me, but had no problem with Asprin, took it for years before I even knew I had APS as I thought it was good for me, only stopped when there was some controversy about it being used as regularly - probably one of my worst decisions...


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