Is it normal to bleed more easily on clopidogrel?

I have obstetric APS, diagnosed at the beginning of the year and am on clopidogrel. I've noticed that I bleed a lot more easily now if I cut myself, or, as this evening, I subconsciously scratched my leg and must have caught a spot or scab and next thing was I could feel blood trickling down my leg. Is that normal? It just worries me as to what would happen if I got a bad injury, would i bleed dangerously? I'm seeing Prof K in November, so I'll ask him then. Just wondering what other people's experiences are.

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  • Hi hon,

    I take aspirin and inject clexane, I bleed from injection sites overnight. Can be a bloomin nuisance. I believe clopidogrel may prolong bleeding and in conjunction with other meds can be an issue, I would mention to Gp just to set your mind at ease. Glad you're seeing Prof K soon sure he will have the answers you need too.

  • Thank you!

  • Yes, it has exactly the same affect as aspirin and will make you bleed more. I take clopidogrel now after aspirin caused my stomach to bleed and find the same as you - one little scratch can turn into a fountain!

  • Kate, doesn't it worry you if, say, you cut your finger half off chopping veggies, or had a car accident or something? Obviously I don't want to have a DVT or stroke, but neither do I want to bleed to death or need a blood transfusion! Please tell me I'm worrying unnecessarily!

  • I guess it's swings and roundabouts! Don't worry too much, clopidogrel is nothing compared to a bleed on warfarin, and we do stop bleeding fairly quickly. Warfarin is the dangerous one to bleed on (which is why it's important to carry medical ID) - fortunately there is a reversal (vitamin K) for warfarin which has saved many lives.

  • Thank you! Is it a good idea to carry medical ID on clopidogrel? Or for APS sufferers generally?

  • Everyone should really - please have a look at the Factsheet I wrote for more info:

  • Thanks so much Kate x

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