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Cash point fright


Than goodness I wasn't having one of my dippy days today. Went to get cash from ATM outside a well known supermarket 'local' and while I was doing the transaction this man walked past then came back so I thought he was coming to get cash out too and just glanced up to see he wasn't too close. Then he said he was sorry to disturb me whilst I was busy because (think he said) he wanted to ask the way. I said firmly not while I am doing this without looking at him. Then he said he wanted to know the way to the station so I said no again and he walked off. There are two stations nearby so if I hadn't been on the ball I would have turned round. It was seriously scary as I had £100 cash in one hand and my purse in the other. I reported it to the supermarket whose helpful response was 'the cashpoint is nothing to do with us' but they took note. I reported it to the police and will go out later with hubby to change my pin no. Felt pleased with myself for not being distracted but shook me . Trouble is there are no indoor cash points in my local village.

Nice day here so am going to sit outside with my book for a while before doing a few chores.

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You must be shaken up just glad you're alright

Thank you so much for posting that here - I am muddled enough to have thought nothing of telling him the directions and lost my money.

I hope you are ok - and well done you for thinking fast.



Hey you.. well done for keeping your cool... you may have saved a few people from the unwanted attentions of this suspicious person! Mary F x

Hey well done, it doesnt matter the shop said the cashpoint is none of their responsibility, they would say that the meanies!! Well done for keeping your cool and your money! Hope you manage to find some calm moments to recover xx

Congrats on playing a scary impromptu role so well! Have a cuppa and cheer yourself!


Hi that must have been quite scary for you. Our friend who works in a bank and knows how muddled I get sometimes told me an easy way around this. She said people normally get money out to spend in the shop anyway, so why not get the shopiing you need, and just get cash back for the difference to the nearest £10. That way no one will see you and can take advantage of you. Also, it takes away the worry of using a cash machine that has been tampered with. They cant refuse you using your debit card even for a bottle of milk, and in a village they'll know yo anyway like ours. Hope this helps, it has me, and thats the only way I now get cash apart from going into the branch when I can get there. Have a loveley day, and i'll be sat in the sun reading my book after baking my sons 'extra chocolatey' chocolate fudge birthday cake!

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