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I helped a little boy and his father today, feeling good!

I helped a little boy and his father today, feeling good!

~Warning, this may upset some readers~

This gave me a lovely boost of confidence!

My mums boyfriend Nick's best friend is very, very unwell with a degenerative disease which will soon cause him to pass away. This was extremely sad news, and I was very sad to hear it. Nick approached me a few days ago, knowing that I am a very avid baker and decorator of cakes, and asked me to make some cakes for the mans little boy who'd had the lovely idea to raise money for the charity that funds research towards the cure of this disease by selling cakes at his school. I was asked to create these cakes and donate them to this kind little boy to help. Obviously, I agreed; I love to help people, and this was the opportunity to do something very kind, which I think is always a great thing, the opportunity to be kind. So last night I, armed with my battalion of baking supplies, baked two dozen red velvet cupcakes, rolled out white icing which I cut into circles and hand panted and iced each one with a different design. Some of them had a little nod to popular culture on them, such as Mario, a Minecraft creeper, Vanellope Von Schweetz, The Doctors T.A.R.D.I.S, Wheatley from Portal 2, Harry Potter and Pikachu, whilst the rest had pretty patterns or icing flowers or icing animals like a black and white kitten with a cute pink nose. Nick delivered them today, and judging by their smiles, they really loved them!! I feel so happy that I helped this family, and I just wish I could do more. ?

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