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Hello to everyone :)

Hello my name is Lucy. I am 24 and I am diagnosed with high functioning autism, Tourettes, OCD and ADHD. I also have seizures which as of yet are undiagnosed. My autism affects me in a number of ways in particular with sensory, motor coordination, the obvious communication/social interaction difficulties and an intense hatred of change. I would like to say there was a positive side to having autism but for me there isn't, unless you count drawing and photographing 1960's tower blocks, but although that is impressive, it's hardly going to get me a career in architecture! Even if it did, I would be very unpopular!

I am involved with a local charity, autism Bedfordshire who's main focus is on people with high functioning autism, as those with autism and learning disability are much better funded for in this area. I go on college courses, meet new friends at social groups and I am currently involved in a film project about autism. Aside from dodgy looking buildings (I like the symmetry), I also love animals, in particular rabbits. I own two pet rabbits called Ralph and Lorenne (there is a joke in their names), one is a black and white lionhead/Dutch x and the other is a Himalayan/lionhead x although she doesn't seem to have much lionhead in her.

I also write a regular blog about specific subjects to do with autism. Well I say regular, it was until I lost internet connection for three months! It should be more regular from now on! If anyone is interested it is here:

I am writing that one quite clinically, whereas I will probably talk more about my day to day life on blogs here. I am also a member of the Tourettes action and OCD UK communities.

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Hi Lucy,

I have a feeling you are going to be the renowned blogger and will look forward to your monthly/weeklysomething-ly bullutin! :D

I can relate to some of the stuff you say, especially coordinated problems - I have ASD (mildly), and also Fibromyalgia unfortunately (it's a bit of a gobble isn't it) which can make my ASD worse - as both feature motor coordination problems - where I can relate to, and sensory issues - ditto.

I also have a pretty good suspicion about OCD - starting getting compulsions about 5 years ago and it's been the bain of my life ever since, although there are times when it's disipates. I guess I just can't afford to be picky - life is too chaotic. That doesn't mean it doesn't bother me though. :(

It's so nice that we have girls joining the site - in my opinion girls are seriously under represented in the whole notion of ASD.

There's so much more I want to say but I must go now because it's time for bed. I'm not looking forward to tommorow to say the least. But this is in conflict with my urge to create things, hense why I stay up later than I should. I never have time. It's all just taken up by the stresses of sixth form and trying to recover from them that I don't get the chance. Spend most of my days feeling frustrated at the moment and wishing my head would just stop, for a minute. (Sorry!)

But.. heyho, I suppose. I look forward to reading your stuff. (Read mine? ;) Haha)

Kindest Regards,

wanderingwallflower xx


I will read yours as well :) Thanks for reading mine. This video we are doing involves two girls on the spectrum with four boys. We are actually going to mention the fact that girls are under-represented... or at least I hope so! The editing is no longer down to me!


Thanks Lucy and no problem. :) I wish you the best of luck with everything. :D Also thank you for sharing your lovely blog - I can relate to most of what you say. I still have problems that I feel, even my parents, don't understand. It's almost like I need a new diagnosis just to make them listen! Silly I know. But all the symptoms I have are indicative of my current diagnoses - just because I've have them for years, except now I look 'normal' which doesn't mean they have gone away. Sometimes I swear my teachers know more about me than my parents (in sixth form - something short of a miracle apparently).

I think girls are in definite need of assistance as I think our mental can suffer because of it - I know mine has and I'm sad to say I'm paying for it now - I am having counselling and it's making me feel worse (sorry it sounds so depressing). I will try my best to help girls as well. I think society in general still has an issue regarding gender equality - something I only started to question recently.

Anyway, I have put in for a 'Psychology - Development and Developmental Disorders' for my Uni degree which I will hopefully get into! (I love it! :D ) And take from there hopefully. :) Well.. I make it sound so straight forward! But we shall see!

Kindest Regards :) xxxx


Welcome Lucy, and thanks for blogging, sharing your story, and your own blog. Great to have you here!

If possible, feel free to share the autism video you are involved in once it's finished. Would be really cool to see.

Also nice to see you've made use of other HealthUnlocked communities :)


I will send a link to it as soon as it is ready. It's due to come out late April. Apparently it is looking quite good already!


nice to meet you lucy


:) Nice to meet you too


Just wanted to say I have been enjoying your posts on Word Press. :) I could relate to most of it - pretty much all of it. Keep blogging please. :)

wanderingwallflower xx


I will. I'm hoping to update it at least once a week, but I have been a bit preoccupied recently!


Looking forward to it Lucy. Hope things are going ok at home. :)