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Bit of a blur

Hi! So I was diagnosed with HIV 2 weeks ago, have been on meds for a week now, and am taking part in a study that could lead to a cure....

....bit different to what my life was like a month ago! I'm dealing with it ok, my best friend knows so I can talk to her but it'd be nice to talk to people who understand (or maybe even tell me) what I'm going through as my brain is still catching up

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Well, first and foremost!

You, are still you! only difference, now you take an extra pill through out your day. Maybe two.

Just be who you are, and don't ever think about letting HIV change who you are !


I know! And I know I'll be fine! It's just very fresh and still a bit of a mindfuck!

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Haha, tell me all about it!

Today's age, today's science, we will be a okay! It's almost just a term, almost... not quite!

Glad to hear that you were able to get on medications, that hopefully work great and with little side effects, so quickly!


So far so good! They caught it really early so hopefully not too much damage done, and so far no side effects :)


That's great to hear!!!


Wow, good for you. I was just diagnosed 4 weeks ago and it took a week to confirm and then about a month for all the doctors tests to come back before he will prescribe me meds, but I'm looking forward to starting that!


I was sorta rushed through so I could take part in this study. You need to start taking the meds asap but no more than 12 weeks after infection


That's cool you got included in a study. I hope it proved beneficial for all of us. And I'm in healthcare so I'm fortunate to know the importance and efficacy of current treatments. Where is the study? I'm in Texas here


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