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Unhappy !!!


Since I was diagnosed some years ago and since I started taking my 3 antiviral pills I've gained weight around my stomach and its getting me down as I'm a bit of a body builder and it upsets me to a point of sobbing my heart out why me?!!!!

Has anyone else gained weight around the abdomen area since taking there meds or is it just my imagination, I train so hard at the gym with no signs of success on my stomach

My wife is in her own world with what I see as the normal world and it upsets me

How am I to feel normal when I vertically feel like I'm begging to make love or even get a proper kiss !! I can't remember the last time I had an intermat moment normally !!!

I hate this virus and I will keep fighting it , I just want to feel and be treated normally

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There is a drug called egrifta that can help. I am a specialty provider of it. It reduces the fat around rhe abdomen caused by HIV meds.

Mal69 in reply to Ronjohn62

Can I get this agrifta from my clinic or doctor surgery as I'm at my Witt's end and its effecting my marriage

Ronjohn62 in reply to Mal69

Yes. Any doctor can write for it. If you want , on Tuesday I can call your doctor about it.

Mal69 in reply to Ronjohn62

If I cannot get from my doctors can I buy it and how much does it cost and how long does it last ?

Ronjohn62 in reply to Mal69

you need to have a prescription for it in the US. Your insurance will require a Prior authorization which I can help a doctor with.

It runs about 5000$/month

If I cannot get it from my doctors how much does it cost and how long does it last ?

Ive only been on meds a month but ive heard that ppl do put weight on plz try to see the positive side of things i have done and find it helps i know its easier said than done though

i am sorry you feel so unhappy, but the only thing i know of the can help with gut area is egriffta. i am not sure of the spelling. it is shots you give to yourself in the stomach. it dissolves the fat. it works very slowly but it works. but it very high priced. i dont know how it would work in your country.

Mal69 in reply to ricky76367

I have found out I can get it on prescription from my doctors for free as I'm in north Wales UK so looking forward to contacting my doctors on Tuesday morning

ricky76367 in reply to Mal69

i m very happy for you. just remember this drug takes a while to work


hi there how are u doing i would like to get 2 know u and see where things lead am not here for games i am looking for that honest guy am down to earth easy going work 2 jobs hope to hear from u

Hi Mal69

I hope this message finds you well.

I completely agree with you about this website. It's the first time ever since I was diagnosed I am able to talk and chat to people who have the same feeling about the virus

We all have to fight the virus by taking the medications on time and as prescribed .

Indeed, I gained a lot of weight since I started the Medications. from 60 Kg to now 84 Kg and started to annoy me.

But we always have to look at the positive side that the meds are working and everything is in this world has side effects.

I am glad that one of the guys has mentioned EGRIFTA and you have found it available in your North Wales - UK - Any updates on this - have you used it or not yet?

I will contract my consultant tomorrow to find out if it's available in Ireland.

I wish you a lovely Sunday and I hope the weather at your end is nice and lovely.



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