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Tesamorelin agrifta

I went to my doctors today and this agrifta "tesamorelin" isn't available in the UK as of yet according to my GP unless anyone else knows otherwise

But it will be available in the UK soon but when?

My GP told me he will talk to the girls at the health clinic who look after me about change in my meds but to be honest my viral load is 70 out of 17000000 or there about so very undetectable !! Great but I need to talk to my gym trainers and set a program to lose this tummy fat

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Hi again Mal,

It is great that you'r bringing your viral load down so well, how long have you been on treatment? You may find that your clinical team may want you to stay on the treatment you are on now for a few more months. You want to have a viral load below 40 or better still 20. Once you have got you VL where you want it then they may be more willing to look at changing the medications you are on. This is called simplification, in principle this means hitting the virus hard at the start of treatment then once the viral load has come right down you can ease back a bit.

Have a look at this section on the i-Base web site . it might be of some help.


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