Agrifta tesamorelin

I am going to contact my doctors first thing Tuesday morning to discuss getting agrifta to help me get rid of this build up of stomach fat that I cannot get rid of no matter how hard I train at my gym

So if any one else out there suffers with stomach weight gain and want to know if it really works then follow my progress on a daily basisi will let you know how I get on after seeing the doctor and every day there after

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  • It will be interesting to know about the different medication available; i am not on any yet, still waiting for my CD4 count and viral load test.

    Do keep me informed about Mexico 2016. It will be good to come out.

  • I'm already on 3 types of antiviral drugs and my viral load is undetectable but I have to take pravastatyn to lower my cholesterol as that's one effect mynpills give me as well as my stomach slowly gathering fat so that's why I need this agrifta

    Once I've got rid of the excess fat from my stomach I know I can keep it off by going on a balanced diet and the gym 3 times a week

  • My number is. 07596641021 ifbyou want to attach one it would be nice to see a picture of you so I know who I'm talking to

    I promise to keep your picture to myself

  • Hi again,

    I thing you should get some independent advice about egrifta before parting with any money. Go to the I-Base web site or ring their HIV treatment phoneline: 0808 800 6013.

    I worked as their IT Manager for ten years so I know and trust them.

    You might find that it is just one of your pills and you will have plenty of treatment options.

    I don't know if it helps with your relationship with your wife but, once you have your viral load down to undetectable and have kept it there for over six months and take all your medication properly. You are no longer infectious and you can not pass the infection on to your wife!!!

    All the best,


  • I live in the UK and have been hiv for around 4 years and been taking my meds for 3 years but getting weight around my stomach and tried everything but agrifta

  • Where in the world are you

  • Where in the world are you

  • Good luck with that. I'd be interested how you get on. I struggle with belly fat, but it's probably because I drink too much :')

  • That agrifta stuff sounds really dangerous, reading the manufacturers information is pretty scary.

    However, it looks like they withdrew their application to have it licensed in Europe in 2012 and haven't reapplied, so it isn't available.

    I'm worried about people asking complex treatment questions on this site, it hasn't got the experts to answer properly .. Whilst there's every need for a place like this, some treatment experts need to be involved too. i-Base is one of the best places for such advice

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