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HIV newbie

I've been diagnosed positive the September 1st 2015, it was a shock for me to accept this reality but my partner is negative on PrEP, i started my medications 2 months ago my CD4 was 288 since there i have a lot going on my mind,my concern is about to who i can share it? My partner is the only one who knows that i'm positive and he's so supportive. I don't feel confortable to tell nobody

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Hi Good day! I really feel you. We have the same sentiments. Just continue taking your meds and everything will be alright. Happy New Year!


Hey! I have told a few people and I found that it really helped me.

But think about it. It is so,etc quite personal but in my experience, it has been something very positive.

Hope you feel better soon.


You dont need to tell anyone if you are not comfortable doing it, infact you dont have to tell anyone. Continue to enjoy the support of your parner and take care of yourselves . With sound support, we will get thruogh this.


Hi Loco,

It would help to know a little more about you, particularly which country you are living in.

Talking to others about you status is a personal thing and can depend on many factors such as location culture and religion. I am a gay white man of 54 living in London. Now, after 18 years of living with HIV, the world and his wife know my status. I have never have any really bad experiences. I know that this is not the case for some of my many positive friends.

Having said that I did not rush to tell everyone I was positive, I told a few very close friends who I trusted and my then partner (who is now my husband and we have been together for 25 years). You do not need to rush into telling, remember you can never Un-tell anything in life. Give yourself time to get used to living your life with HIV, lick your wounds, find out about the disease, things will get easier in time and your strength and confidence will grow each day.

It is great that your partner is taking PREP, it gives you both time to settle and takes the pressure of you too.

Do you know that; once you have got your Viral Load down to undetectable levels, have kept it undetectable for over six months and you take all of your medication as you should you cannot infect your partner, or any one else?

If you have any questions check out the HIV Partners web site at hiv.partners or post them here and I am sure we will all do our best to support you and your partner.

All the best for now Loco.



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