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Hi all,

I’ve been suffering from ectopic beats since early 2020, but got increasingly worse in early 2021. I’ve tried magnesium (taurate, glycinate, & citrate), potassium, taurine, d-ribose, CoQ10, cut out caffeine, electrolyte powders, hawthorn, motherwort, and even beta blockers (metoprolol and propranolol). Nothing has truly decreased the burden. I’m a 30 year old female and have no known health issues. Had an echocardiogram in 2020 and event monitor - all normal. Had a 24 hr holter monitor spring 2021 and it showed <1% burden. I feel as though my burden has increased a lot since then. I’ve also noticed they get way worse around ovulation and pms so there’s a bit of a hormonal link. After eating it gets really bad too. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated. I don’t know what else to do. It has made me very depressed. Thank you.

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Hi Zee, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with ectopics. Mine got worse in 2021 also, and I now take diltiazem and metoprolol for avnrt and ectopics. Mine also get worse after meals, but I've found that eating smaller meals through out the day, and avoiding spicy foods helped with mine. Also staying busy, and reminding myself they are not harmful (says my cardiologist) gets me past the tougher days. I know how it can be very depressing, but do your best to stay positive. I'm sure with your proactive approach you'll find a way to minimize them!

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Malayabalaya in reply to R2958

Hi The only drug I’ve found that got rid of my ectopics is Flecainide. You could take that if your heart is structurally normal. Betablockers often don’t work alone. I now feel normal again! Good luck

Have you looked into Roemheld Syndrome? All my ectopics come from pressure in the oesophagus, stomach and bowels, mainly, I believe, from swallowed air. Doctors seem reluctant to accept this explanation.

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Zee_ in reply to Jonp

Yes, I have and I suspect that may be an issue I have also.

Hi there

I completely understand, as they are worrying. It’s always worth mentioning it to your cardiologist.

Mine got worse, but I also had some chest pain, feelings of passing out and palpitations. Mine turned out to be non-sustained VT, so I had an ablation last year. Many ectopic beats are benign, always worth double checking.

I am now drug free, having ectopics still, but my condition is much improved. My cardiologist said that 10 ectopics over 48 hours was normal, but he knows my heart physiology well. A recent blood test showed I was anaemic, since taking iron tablets there has been a reduction in ectopics. Not sure if the iron supplements have made a difference or whether my post ablation recovery has stepped up a gear or coming off Bisoprolol has helped.

Like you I have taken measures, taking supplements and cutting out my known triggers. I also notice an increase around my period, there are well known links to hormone fluctuations and ectopic beats.

Hope you find some answers to these increases, definitely keeping positive and reaching out for support is the best move forward.

Take good care of yourself.

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Zee_ in reply to JKJLH

Happy to hear you’re doing much better! I often fear something more sinister is happening to me, but it’s like no one believes me…especially the cardiologists. They don’t even want to give me the time of day. It’s just frustrating and frightening. I feel as though I’m mourning the loss of my life at 30 years old. I just wish they’d disappear. Thank you for you kind words though. 🙏🏻

How much taurine were you taking ? I start my day with 2000 mg as soon as I wake up .. then 6 hours later I take 1000 more .. in the evening it’s as needed .. I didn’t get relief until I upped my dose. It works very well for me also mine are way worse right before my period and during ovulation .. there is definitely a hormonal link .. I am 42

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Zee_ in reply to Niki_

Hi Niki,I typically would take 1,000mg in the morning and then another 1,000mg in the afternoon. Sometimes 1,000mg at night. How long did it take for you to really start noticing a decrease in your ectopics? I feel like it helps okay when I’m not ovulating/pmsing, but if I’m in that time of my cycle and even during my period, it’s like nothing touches them. Almost like they’re so resistant to anything. Even the propranolol that I’m currently taking isn’t as effective during those times of my cycle. It’s so crazy how hormones mess with your heart rhythm!

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Niki_ in reply to Zee_

Mine are increased around my menstrual as well I up my taurine and magnesium durning that time but I still get them quite a bit during my cycle .. it took a couple weeks of taking the higher dose and I realized later on they work the best if you take them on an empty stomach! … I also think I’m heading into Peri- menopause.. which my doctor said can last anywhere from one year to 12 years.. and I think that’s what’s causing mine! I just pray I won’t have them for 12 years!!!

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Zee_ in reply to Niki_

Yes, it’s like they’re invincible during that time of the month! I usually take it on an empty stomach also. I don’t take it everyday since I’m not totally certain how safe it is to take while on propranolol. Oh gosh, I hope the hormone thing eventually evens out for you…I know it’s part of life but it would be nice if it all went smooth sailing!

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