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Does coffee help anyone?

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I have PVCs with a structurally normal heart .. my most recent holter said my 24 hour pvc burden was 4% of all heart beats being PVCs .. no other things were observed.. normal echo etc

I used to drink TONS of coffee .. I have given it up for stretches of time .. thought it helped some maybe but also on some days where I’m more symptomatic ( like I can feel them and they are a bother to me) if I drink a cup of coffee it seems to help them .. I find this so strange! Anyone else have this ? Or does anyone know why this would be? I also take magnesium, taurine, and L-arginine.

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Some people do have more problem with an uneven heart beat when the rate is low. Im one of them. I guess the coffee increases rate.

Dr Jack Wolfson in Arizona is a holistic cardiologist. He talks about the benefits of coffee for the heart. But it needs to be a good organic coffee void of chemicals and mold and such. I don't like coffee, too much caffeine, or I would try it. He has a website, You can find an article about it there. He sells an organic coffee but it's a little pricey. But organic is. He has a good book titled The Paleo Cardiologist. Lots of good information about life style changes and what supplements are good etc. He charges only S&H to buy the book. Best wishes to you.

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