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Here once again with these horrible heart palpitations. I can’t even enjoy life anymore. I’m getting Daily pvcs/pacs also this morning started of with what felt like a SVT episode it start and ended quick felt 1 palp and was followed with 2-3 fast beats but converted to sinus rythem right after. And now I’m stuck with contestant ectopic. I’m contemplating on going to the hospital but as always they send me back home with all test coming back normal and to make an appointment with my cardio witch she’s writing it off as anxiety. How can it be anxiety when I’m laying in bed waking up from sleeping all night and they start to act up. I’m here writing this calm on my couch and I’m still feeling them? It’s not like I’m panicking and I’m feeling them. I can be doing just about anything and still feel them quite violently at times.

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They do definitely start up for no apparent reason! Mine can go in for hours: been nearly 2 years now & I just get on with life as they were making me go crazy all tests back normal soo

I have weeks of a irregular heart & now weeks of a well behaved one ( mostly) I go to gym walk work and take bisoprolo which helps when I have flares x

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This year I had 3 episodes 2 in June and one today witch they all been under 10 seconds. I hear people can go hours with it. I can’t imagine how bad that would be. They stop me in my tracks and I become housebound with no desire for anything.

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It’s very difficult to imagine when you have not experienced hours of ectopics at a time mine

Would only last few min & increased but sure it was due to me getting uptight and really anxious about them & my stomach would knot

Practicing calmness as there is no benefit to health getting uptight x

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There’s been a couple of times where I felt them all day and night for 2 days straight beat after beat. Now I feel them multiple times through out the day and they all feel different. Some are very faint some are a hard thud that takes my breath way some feel like a pause I mean why do they feel different? That’s puzzles me

2468abcmuk in reply to Ceelos81

It’s because some times it’s single ectopics

So like 1 then normal rythum then others can be ectopic normal normal ectopic or normal ectopic normal ectopic and mine feel

Like fluttering when then happen every other beat and singles very more hard like a bump they all have different terms but basically they are all ectopics. If you had tests then you be fine ! It’s hard accepting this when your heart is jumping around but

2 years later still having them and nothing worse , wish I did not need to take BB but

Can’t stand them all day x

I mean My health is no worse 😁

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Yep! I’m on metoprolol 25mg 2x a day witch it doesn’t do anything for me. My cardio wants to change me to diliazem but I read bad stuff on stoping bb that there can be a lethal rythem or heart attack.

They are not fun and scary I think and mine make me feel just off.I don’t get so many at present I take verapamil and flecainide only side effects for me can get constipation.Maybe see what medication may help,it’s what I did.Good luck and take care try not to worry but can be easier said than done.


Did you wear any rhythm before to ? I carried for 15 days monitor that’s how they detected my arrhythmia before that my doctor was keep saying everything is okay and my palpitations are innocent.

I had a EPS and now I am on Flecainide and I am doing okay.

I know how frustrating is this and I hope you’ll be okay

Ceelos81 in reply to Anrv_23

Yes I wore the zip patch for 2 weeks and they caught less than 1% pvc/pac and 1 episode of SVT that only lasted 6 seconds. I’ve also had blood work/ekg/echocardiogram and chest x-rays and all came back normal I’m a 36 yr old male and weigh 175pounds.

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Also how was the EP study. Was it scary?

Anrv_23 in reply to Ceelos81

Not very much. It felt quite uncomfortable though. I had it twice. I was awake at first time and they put me a sleep for the second one

What has your cardiologist recommend? Might be time to get second opinion

Ceelos81 in reply to Spanaway

A phycologist for my anxiety as all the dr’s that I seen recommended

I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through and really empathise. I experienced exactly the same as you describe- my heart felt as if it was all over the place, impossible to ignore, and I was really anxious I was about to pass out of have a heart attack. I even woke up with it every morning, like you. I had to wait months for a 24 hour Holter monitor test and heart scan. There are apparently several types of arrythmia and only a few are of any concern- the others, although really frightening and uncomfortable, are genuinely nothing to worry about. It was explained to me that these are normal, not at all related to heart attacks, just the ventricle firing off differently. It has taken over a year for mine to settle- I still have ectopics but I've learned some of the triggers. I'd very strongly recommend watching Dr Sanjay Gupta's series of youtube videos about arrythmia- he really, really helped me, explaining things so clearly and decreased my anxiety. I also noticed mine were worse if I ate a big meal or laid flat in bed so learned to manage it a bit better. Breathing techniques and relaxation also help. I also take a Magnesium supplement every day as it helps many people. Good luck- I do feel for you, but I'm sure it will settle in time.

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Hi and thank you!

I have seen his videos and he actually replied to me on a text on Instagram. I bought magnesium-glycinate and have yet to take along with my metoprolol as I’m a bit nervous not knowing if it will interact with my medication. Any thoughts?

Hi i also have them daily i have started sertraline and take propronal daily 40mg morning and 40 mg evening started sertraline 21 days ago for panic and anxiety as was getting missed beats all day now i get some in the evening every evening my skipped beats cause my anxiety.

Magnesium should not as far as I know cause problems.

I have the same thing as you. SVT, PAC’s and PVC’s. I recently went to my cardiologist and he told me that some happen in the upper chambers and those are the ones that feel like little flutter’s while the lower chamber palps feel like a flip flop fish in your chest and make you lose your breath often and that they can hurt sometimes but are virtually harmless physically. Mentally that’s another story. I have virtually no quality of life because of this coupled with the fact I have severe health anxiety but I am alive and have to walk up 2 flights of stairs to make it to my apartment so... also, my SVT has made my pulse go as high as 256 which is terrifying but it didn’t help that my potassium was extremely low at the time. It’s amazing what the human body can withstand and I know it’s torture for you, it’s torture for me too but you will be ok👍

Ceelos81 in reply to Zazz

Geez 256???? I had mine race up to 175 for 6 seconds and I was scared to death

Zazz in reply to Ceelos81

Yeah, it was pretty scary. Thought I was going to die or something because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. That also was the first time it happened that I can remember. They had to give me the medicine to start stop my heart about 3 times. Feels like I have a full body stoke or something when they do that. I hate it. It’s happened a few times after that but has only gone into the 200’s a couple other times though not as high a 256. I know I probably sound relatively laid back about it but just thinking of it makes me shakey because it scares the hell out of me. I know I’m not the only one though.

I also have SVT....mine would some from no where and last for 15/20 mins. by the time I went to the ER they were gone..wore a monitor for 24 hrs nothing happened so they had me wear one for 30 days. Took a week and a half and there it was..I had an ablation and it did nothing but put me in Afib so they had to stop after being what felt like torture for 3 hours. My cardiologist wanted me to try again and I told him no way! I am on meds for the past 4 hears and no more episodes. Metoprolol 1/2 a 25 mg twice a day..Flecainide 50 mg twice a day..and Lorazepam 0.5 twice a day...just enough to take the edge off the anxiety.

I’m on metoprolol 25mg twice a day but it seems as they go worse since I’ve been taking them. I’m seeing a therapist for my head issues.. my pcp-cardiologist and my therapist keep telling me my heart is healthy and that it’s all anxiety related.. I have a hard time believing that

Believe & they will get loads better , try going a big walk for at least a couple of hours or go to gym ! Don’t let your mind go there think about anything other than your heart or health it’s just

Not worth the stress of what it does to you & keep a diary to write down your thoughts regarding heart & health but allow certain time

On this maybe 10 min ! The longer you let negative thoughts stay the more you will feel low , it’s hard but you can do this if you really want x

Crash88 in reply to 2468abcmuk

daily gym and intense cardio usually kills arrythmias!

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