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Colonoscopy procedure

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Having a colonoscopy and been told to stop apixaban 48 hours before procedure. I am a little concerned, as I keep reading its dangerous to stop them , I had an ablation a year ago.

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I'm having an upper endoscopy with biopsies shortly and am to keep on taking my warfarin but INR to be 2.0 -2.3. Hopefully someone on the NOACs will post and reassure you.Good luck !

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Challis in reply to Jalia

Thanks Jalia, good luck to you too 👍

I would suggest talking to your doctor about your concerns. I did that when I had my last colonoscopy 2 years ago. My doctor agreed to let me stay on my anticoagulant with the stipulation that if large polyps were found, I would have to go through the procedure again without an anticoagulant. I agreed to do that. Two small polyps were found and the doctor did remove them without any problems.

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Thank you for your reply JudieMarie much appreciated xx

I've had to stop my Apixaban on several occasions, colonoscopy for 5 days and surgery for 7 days, no problem at all.

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Thank you Bantam really appreciate your reply x

Stopped mine for a couple of days for a dental extraction without issue.......... still bled too much for my liking.

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Thanks Ducky sorry about the blood loss but glad you had no other issues Challis x

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Thanks. Hope all goes well for you.

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Good Morning, it is always best to check with your doctor ahead of the appointment.

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Hi Tracy. I’ve tried to get in touch with my doctor. Couldn’t get passed receptionist, who said, do what the hospital asked? This appointment was cancelled on me last year due to Covid. Hospital rang Friday I had to get Covid test at a different hospital Sunday am and then pick up Solutions and instructions no one to get any info off


Challis x

You need to discuss this with the consultant / surgeon carrying out the procedure for advice on when to stop and, after the procedure, when to re-start. I've had three actual colonoscopies and one virtual colonoscopy in the past year. They have all required stopping my anticoagulant. I had one colonoscopy that removed a 5mm polyp and a 20mm flat polyp. I restarted the anticoagulant and, after seven days the wound for the 20mm polyp opened, I passed a lot of blood and was admitted to A&E for an overnight stay.

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Sorry that happened to you John-boy. Thanks for taking the time to reply. It’s much appreciated

Challis x

2 days without should not hurt you.

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