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Vibrations on right side of heart


Just started 3 days ago. Becoming more frequent each day. No other symptoms. Exact replica of cell phone on vibrate only milder. Yesterday it was 5 seconds in between vibrations which lasted for 1 second. Today it's 2 seconds between vibrations which are one second long. They are happening right now as I type. I would like it to stop so I don't think about it being a sign in going to have a heart attack. I have no dizziness or pain or nausea no slurring of speech. This is the first time I have experienced vibration inside my body. I'm 58. I drink beer and haven't eaten healthy oh. Vibrations are decreasing now. Maybe they will stop for awhile

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Hello there and welcome.

I hope the vibrations have gone away now and you are not bothered by them any more.


Peter,you don't say if you have a diagnosed heart condition or not ...

The vibrating feeling l get frequently however, l do have a recognised heart condition...but that said l am not aware of many others experiencing this sensation which is exactly as you described...

My advise would be to check your BP and pulse rate and follow up with a visit to your GP to put your mind at ease...

It could even be a trapped thoracic nerve so please don't worry unnecessarily...


Peterj99 in reply to Hidden

Ok thanks for reply. I feel pretty good. Just don't like the internal vibration over and over

Hidden in reply to Peterj99

I know it's very disconcerning when it first happens and you think OMG what's happening but like I said check your blood pressure and pulse to see if it's fluctuating or irregular as well as visiting your GP that's what they are there for...


Have Had That Problem MANY Times Myself. It Turned Out To Be A Nerve Rapidly Jumping.....


That is good news. I am happy to hear that. I hope that's what I have

Thanks for replying. I like to think it is a nerve I have had problems in the past but only because of drinking a few episodes over the years. In 2009 and in 2018. Irregular heartbeat due to too much drinking. But now I only drink beer. 3 per day. With ice.

I am still getting the vibrations. Right now. Sometimes they stop when I'm outside walking around. But for last 4 days when I am sitting or laying down. It has been going on for hours. Now it has stopped for 5 minutes. I'm laying on my left side. Maybe that is helping


I have had these several times in the night whilst asleep, woke me up ,I thought I was mistaken. I have Svt,ectopics and mitral valve prolapse.

Peter try a dose of Gaviscon Antacid and read my post concerning this subject. It might cost you a few bucks and a burp but it is helping me after 47 years of suffering. Regards Cliff from Australia.

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