How does svt leave you feeling?

Last week I had an attack of Svt which lasted for about 8 hours with a pulse rate averaging at about 152 beats a minute. It was eventually stopped in A and E with the dreaded anoisine injection. Just over 18 months ago I had an ablation which was not completely successful and I have been taking 2.5 mgs of Bisoporol since then. The attack has left me feeling exhausted and I am just beginning to feel normal again. I can find very little documented on the after effects of a Svt attack and would be interested to find out other people's reactions or find out where I can read more facts. I suspect that there is little follow up ever as I have never sought help once recovered!

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  • Thank you . I will look into this. Anything that helps....

  • Hi I suffered from svt for 7yrs b4 my ablation two months ago, my heart used to race to 220bpm at its fastest thankfully attacks never lasted greater than 1hr but I was the same exhausted afterwards for several days I'd say you need referring back to your cardiologist & maybe upping your meds (2.5mg) very low dose. Depending on what type of svt you have another ablation maybe more successful second time around! Good luck 😀

  • Hi, I was always told to not wait for more than half an hour after an attack before dialing 999, my heart rate could go up as fast as 240 beats a minute. My first ablation was also not totally successful. I too have had many shots of adenosine, I suppose I got used to it after the first one. I also took Bisoprolol. I had my second ablation at the back end of last year, this proved to be successful, I have not had an attack since. I too was absolutely exhausted after an attack, it is only to be expected, as the heart is having to work a lot faster than it needs to, but could be prevented with a second ablation, has this not been offered to you by your EP?

  • Yes - I have the option to see him again with a view to another ablation. This would actually be the 3rd attempt as my first one had to be stopped because the SVT was in the left side of the heart. I am no sure if I want to go through it all again!

  • I think you should do, it would be worth it if you get it cured on thev3rd attempt.

  • When I have an attack I usually get an upset stomach too so have to keep going to the loo - but that could be due to anxiety during the attack. I am left feeling drained at least for the next day. I sometimes get a migraine afterwards too. My heart rate goes over 200-220 bpm. During the attack I am hot & cold, shaky and can't think straight, I also go dizzy. I find just sitting up slightly in bed is the best thing.

    I too had ablation which didn't work just a couple of weeks ago I have to see the arrhythmia nurse in 12 weeks but like you if they offer it to me again I don't think I could go through it again - it has traumatised me. I wish I'd never had it done.

    I have had SVT for 10 years but only diagnosed in the last 2. Since then I've been on all different types of meds to try & find the right one. I settled on 2.5mg of bisoprolol too & that seemed to stop it. I felt safe on the tablets but now I'm not taking them I feel vulnerable. I had my first attack since the ablation Monday night but for the first time it woke me up which has never happened before - it felt like my heart had stopped & I was gasping for breath and then my heart went crazy - I took a bisoprolol after 20 mins and eventually it calmed down after an hour - I was alone so I was very scared. Even though they say it's not life threatening it's still scary.

    What I don't understand is that if it's not life threatening why did one arrhythmia nurse tell me to call 999 if it hadn't stopped after 20 mins? I've never called 999 even though attacks last up to 2.5 hours - I'm not really sure what I should do now in that case??

  • Yes it is scary but if you are able to keep calm then it helps. I normally try to stop an attack using the breathing and Valsalva methods but if this fails then after about 2 hours I will go to A and E. I have dialled 999 and gone by ambulance a few Times but normally now just get my husband to drive me there. I have always been treated well there and never made to feel that I shouldn't have gone and it is reassuring to know that if you do need extra help it is there!

  • Hi whizy, I was told I had svt I had an echo done privately and was told my heart was healthy which was a relief they put me on 5mgs of bisoprolol and I felt terrible I am now taking 2.5 and feel fine but do feel tired quite a lot think it is definately due to the tablets I am sorry to hear your ablation wasn't a total success hope you continue to get better.

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