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Heart Rate at 29bpm.. Too low?

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I recently recorded my heart rate going as low as 29bpm. Even in the 40s range, it makes me dizzy and leads to skipped beats and chest pain. I almost passed out at this rate but thankfully didn't completely faint. Has anyone experienced a low like this? My Tachycardia hasn't come in a while, which is a relief, but the brady is scary. I am not on any medication at the moment.

A couple of days ago, the pulse was 40 and blood pressure was at 70/52 and the monitor showed an irregular pulse too.

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Hi KRG - I expect you have done a bit of research yourself by now and we are on the whole not experts who can give advice - however, if I were experiencing the symptoms you describe I would make a very prompt appointment with a GP or even consider phoning 111 for their adviceand they will advise you what to do , especially as you are experiencing chest pain. I personally, would not leave it any longer.

Let us know how you get on?

Hope you feel better very soon.


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KRG13 in reply to Mickey16

Hi Mickey.. thank you for your reply. I have been speaking to my cardiologist and EP doc.. they seem to think the best thing to do is stimulate the heart.. by having strong coffee or tea and waiting for the brady to pass. I somehow feel it is all about changing the rhythm when the lows come.. but it isn't preventing any further episodes.. Has anyone tried anything that prevents brady? (Apart from a pacemaker of course )

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Mickey16 in reply to KRG13

Hi KRG - it's a tough one - I don't think many would rush to a decision of having a pacemaker, but things you need to consider are, is your heart continuing to slow down and how am I feeling? - if it is, your heart is being put under increasing stress and the consideration of the affects that is putting on other body functions, not least your heart. Personally, I don't think drinking coffee or eating some other supplement would be a reliable long term solution, realistically.

From my experience, I developed bradycardia and my heart went on to develop Atrial Flutter because it was beating so slow. I had a cardioversion or two which did not resolve the issue, in fact, matters worsened. I then had an ablation to try and resolve new arrhythmia that had occurred and shortly after had to have a pacemaker as I had become so ill.

Fully understand your fear of a pacemaker. We all have to consider the alternatives for ourselves. All I can say, is I know I would not be here today if I didn't have my pacemaker. My pacemaker is working well (had it in place for 3 years now). I will never be back to where I was before my heart issues started (pre-bradycardia days) , coupled with the fact of natural ageing anyway!! and I think we all have to get over that mental hurdle, but I am far better with it than I would be without it!! :))

There are a few of us on Healthunlocked who have pacemakers - (take a look at some previous postings?) so I hope this is of some help KRG

Best wishes.

Are you sure the low pulse rate isn't because you are having ventricular ectopic beats? And you are not feeling them? I have had them for 45 years and find that a good dose of antacid called Gaviscon helps a lot.

Hello KRG13,

The answer, the advice, is very simple - with a heart rate of 29bpm you should go straight to A&E - you would very likely be advised to have a pacemaker, and you would be admitted. Do it.


What is the worry over having a pacemaker?I get episodes of 36/37 BPM and it has been mentioned I may need one.

On Bisoprolol 2.5Mg twice a day for AF etc.

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