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Electrophysiologist appt


Hello my name's John Im a 54 yo man went to see cardioelectrophysiologist at Barts this week, I was seen by one of the consultants team. Went through my history and discussed ablation, which I was hoping would be the outcome! I am running on 105 BPM when resting Have permanent Afib, I'm on Bisoporil and Digoxin and having side effects. The doctor went to consult with her boss and came back 10 mins later and said due to enlarged Left Atrium I wouldn't benefit from ablation, it would be negligible so I was discharged! I was shocked I have quit alcohol, changed eating habits do loads of exercise all leading to being offered an ablation and get of or reduce some medication. I was diagnosed 18 months ago and all tests done then! I was at least expecting a echo to check for any shrinkage in LA. Meds are not working so no idea what's next. I have an appointment with Cardiologist next week! Any thought ideas welcome.

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Good afternoon John,

Thank you for posting on our forum. I have read your post and have noticed that you have permanent AF. Are you aware that our sister charity AF Association has a page on Health Unlocked that is dedicated to people with AF? You can access it by clicking on this link: healthunlocked.com/afassoci...

This forum may be more suited to you, as the other people on the forum have been through similar experiences with AF themselves.

I hope this helps.

Best Wishes,

Charlene, patient services

Thanks Charlene I entered it here in error

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