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30 day event monitor

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Hi everyone,

I have been wearing my monitor for 2 weeks now and I have started to get rawness and blistering from the patches. The blisters Are starting to fill with a little oozing ( gross I know) Has anyone had this problem? I tried calling my company that is handling my monitor but apparently a 24 hour service isn’t 24 hours. Can I move the patches a little over so I can let the rawness breath and heal? They really hurt. 😞I scar easily and hate to have these as marks. I plan on calling in the morning but wanted to know if anyone else experienced this. The picture I added is when I removed it to shower because it was change day

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I had that happen to me - You have had a reaction to them and in the future you need to make sure they use the sensitive ones over the normal as it will happen again if you do not... E45 Cream helps with treating mine and might help you for some relief.. Regards Rhonda

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Hope529 in reply to williamsrp57

I made another call last night and she is sending me the hypoallergenic ones. Hopefully they don’t do the same! Thanks!

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williamsrp57 in reply to Hope529

I am so pleased that you managed to get some different one that will make all the difference to you. And remember them for future reference too.. Take care Regards Rhonda

Yes I reacted the same way. Stop using them and contact ths clinic where you were fitted and get the hypoallones xXx

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Hope529 in reply to Jacey15

I finally got in contact with them and they are sending me hypoallergenic ones!

Thats good news.

I had this happen to me, it was from the adhesive having too much movement (Pulling on my skin). I moved the patches without asking and they didn't even notice!

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