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Multiple SVTs in a 24 hour period?

I started having SVT around Jan 2014. I had a few doozies that would last an hour or so. Since then I have been on generic Sectral 200mg. Yesterday afternoon I was fine and out of the house and came home. Just felt bad, very anxious. Wouldn't you know it a little bit later I had my first SVT in months that lasted longer than a few seconds, it was 8 minutes. They generally make me feel like garbage afterward for some reason. Extremely panicky, lightheaded, a dull full feeling in the left side of my ribs under my armpit. Had an under 30-second one a few hours later. Barely slept last night and took a few short catnaps today hoping to wear off the bad feelings. Nothing seemed to help at all. Then a few hours ago ANOTHER SVT, again under a minute. Since being medicated SVTs that used to put me over 200 bpm, keep me at about 120-130 which seems to be less strain on the heart, but those thumps are unmistakable! But, still, afterward I feel just as bad as if it were 200.

Has anyone else who suffered from SVTs have it multiple times per day after being medicated? I was on a heart monitor for a few months in the past. It caught a few short SVTs and a few PAC, PVC. My last EKG, stress test and Echo were about a year ago.

I don't drink caffeine, or do drugs, and I drink socially. Never had alcohol trigger when drinking it, but it is a trigger for my anxiety and skips the next day if I had a bit too much.

I don't know how to get out of this post-SVT funk and I am worrying myself sick that it's something worse. Does anyone have any ideas or reassuring anecdotes? I feel taken over by fear that this will never end.


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