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Ectopic Beats on Holter and Stress Test

Hi - had 24hr ecg that showed 2 PAC's and also said no arrythmia seen. I thought PAC's were arrythmia so why did it say no arrythmia seen?

Also had Stress Test done which showed 5 PAC's, told this is totally normal. Just can't understand why I got more on a 14 minute stress test than I did on a 24 hr ecg? I'm thinking is due to anxiety and adrenaline which I had lots of prior to the stress test.


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Dont worry. Two PACs during 24 hours is nothing. Even totally healthy peoples will have around this number PACs/day. The 5 PACs during the stress test are also not anusual. Professional athlethetes also have PACs when they reach their maximal effort.



Thanks for reply and are PAC's arrythmia? Need to know if need to put on travel insurance. Thanks.


PACs iteself are so called benign or non pathological arrhytmias. No problem with them if you dont have atrial fibrillation. But if you have then PACs can drive your fibrillation.


No don't have Afib so therefore I assume PAC's are benign and normal in both rest and exercise. Thanks


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