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Important news

IMPORTANT NEWS: International publication recommends screening for AF in people aged 65 years and over.

The current issue of Circulation carries a White Paper written by AF-Screen International that recommends that National Governments worldwide set up screening for AF in people 65 years and over. We welcome this important publication as it reinforces the position of Arrhythmia Alliance and AF Association of the importance of identifying the undiagnosed person to help reduce the number unnecessary AF-related strokes and related deaths.

Follow this link to read document -

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I'm afibber without symptoms. I had fortune. We developed a one channel ECG for population screening. Now we have the prototype and I test it myself (and on myself). The device itself records continuously for 4-48 hours. It comfortable and discrete. I can wear it under every circumstances (meeting, road biking, sleeping etc. ). It has stable low noise signal (critical for afib detection). The ECG curve is displayed in real time on my smart phone, and after finishing the record the file is transmitted to our server from where I can download the record for detailed analysis.

I have more than 1500 hours ECG recorded on myself with lot of interesting observations. My afib readily terminates on exercise (usually biking). The onset of my afib episode is predicted by long runs of PACs (premature atrial complexes). In about 80% of the cases I can suppres the PACS by intensive walking. This maneuver can prevent my afib. Recent observation, that the presence of "walking resistant" PACs likely correlates with temporary hypertension episodes.

Actually we are an R&D team. We think that our device is ideal for screening. Any connection to influencers would be important for us.


Hello Mercurius

Thank you for this information. We are interested in hearing more about this new form of screening, would you please email us with more details?

Thank you,


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Dera Rachel,

thanks for your proposal. I sent some docs, but feel free asking for further information if it is needed.

Kind Regards:



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