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Workplace advice needed


Hi just wondering if anybody as had problems in the workplace? I work for a well known supermarket in the UK. I have had attacks for a number of years but have become frequent over the past year having had to deal with some major stress. I was blue lighted out of work 2 days before Xmas having experienced probably my worst attack ever. I had been beating fast all night and in my wisdom thought I could go to work ( and drove ) and it would sort itself out. But no the sweats and blurred vision told me I needed medical my boss was fantastic and got me help rather quickly. ...arriving at hospital I was found to be beating at point is tho I have had 2 more episodes since both needing hospital treatment.....I am on meds and waiting to see cardio..

I have needed to take time off and really causing more stress at the thought of going in....I have gone back but feel they don't understand and just get their absence procedure thrown at me....anymore time off from now will result in disciplinary action. ...I feel they don't believe me what it is like to experience AF.

As anybody else been through this? I stumbled across this forum by accident and your stories have given me hope......thanks.

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Hi and welcome,

Sorry to hear that, you could be describing my first attack when I did exactly the same,

fortunately I was driving to work which is NHS,I was blue lighted up to Casualty from work after nearly fainting on a patient, Heart rate of 250,very scary, anyway had similar

episodes and was referred to cardiologist but had loads of time off work during this time, you need to speak to your manager who should refer you to occupational health

if you have one.

You should also speak with your GP for advice as this can be really stressfull until you get a handle on it and learn how to cope during your attacks.

This website is great and there are people on here with a fountain of knowledge and sympathy for your condition.

If I could give one piece of advice it would be don't let this rule your life, and read up on the links to AF on the website ,maybe print some info off and give it to your manager

as unless they have dealt with this condition before they will not usually have a clue.

Keep us up to date,

Take care

Wendi x


Sorry this has happened but welcome to the mad world of AF. I, and many others, will tell you the effects vary considerably from person to person and importantly from day to day for each individual.

There are many of us on HUL who willingly share information and experiences and respond to questions.

Actually the best thing for you to do is to repost your while question on another forum within HUL which is specifically for AF sufferers. That forum is very active both on the number of questions posted but also on the responses and sharing. It probably is well over 50 times more active.

There have been a few posts recently on that forum and also this one (one person in particular posted on both) re this aspect.

I suggests that for all occasions that you formally log in writing (email will do) that you had the time off due to illness and specifically AF.

AF is apparently covered by the disability discrimination act and so the employer is duty bound to make concessions, vary work patterns, what you do, etc.

Read up on AF on the main AFA (Atrial Fibrillation Association website). It has many excellent booklets and data sheets.

Below is a link and do subscribe.

PeterWh in reply to PeterWh

If you look on my page I posted something about what I had experienced about the work place and got lots of replies. Have a look.

They cannot discriminate against you in terms of sickness as if it is an on going illness that has been going on for more then 12 months you may be covered under the equality act 2010.

Only a judge can make the final say if you are but basically with arrhythmias in my opinion we are. Especially if it affects us day to day which it does.

Have a look online there is lots of help. I recently had to make a complaint at work and have a grievance hearing and I printed out a lot of information and also Acas helpline can help give them a call.

Sorry to hear you are going through this at work it's the last thing you need. Just remember our healths Come 1st xx

Thanks everyone...have taken on board all the advice and will do some research. Dee will look on your so good to actually talk to people who actually understand what you are going through.....thanks again.

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