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Ectopic or NSVT

My Cardiologist disharged me recently, i asked him about a type of heart beat and to explain what it was and he said i worry too much about Heart it is just Ectopic Beats.I had Ectopic beats for a couple of hours once and i was told they are benign like an extra beat in between beats

and sometimes get a miss beat and the pause and thud at the time so i know what they are like.

But over the last 2 months now on 2.5mg Bisoprolol had 5 episodes of what i can describe with zero's below

heart beat as 0 0 0 0 00000 0 0 0 or another time 0 0 0 00000000 0 0 0

5 extremely fast beats or another time it was 8 extremely fast beats.

Both GP's explain these may not be Ectopic beats Cardiologist says this is Ectopic and

no need to test .I did have a Mitral repair 4 yrs ago and my recent Echo was

good although they carried out the Echo while i was having an episode of Sinus Tachycardia which i am told would effect the test result. Had a 24Hr Holter 4 yrs back

and found no Afib and the Odd Superventricular Ectopic beat.I am having to wait

to see another Cardiologist for a second opionon which i arranged through my GP

I dont feel i got the right answer or test at the time, so a bit frustrating. Another Cardiologist sent me an answer in that NSVT is more of an annoyance in a person like myself and also explained Short lived palpitations in a person like you with normal left ventricular function, and having no history of repeated loss of consciousness and no family history of premature arrhythmic death is usually “innocent” and is not likely to cause you any harm regardless of whatever is causing these symptoms.

I read this is true in a Normal structure heart but after a Mitral repair Heart operation

is this still the case?

Has anyone else on the forum had the same thing i'm explaining?Does it sound like NSVT or am i the one that is mistaken and it really is Ectopic?Thanks for any help.

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I have had the same thing recently and I have been told the same as you ( ectopics ) but I at the moment being tested for AVRT - AVNRT just to be safe but even if it is this then it's still not dangerous, as far as I know NSVT - VT is a very hard thing to start off in a normal heart , more likely to be SVT

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Hi sutty88

thanks for reply .

I got a second opinion from a electrophysiologist cardiologist and got a similar answer to that of my Cardiologist above in my post.

And if anything, having an Echo in Sinus Tachycardia would actually make the result look like it was worse than it actually really was!

I hope you get to the bottom of this to get the right name for it ,but i think like you mention like the Cardiologists have mentioned it is more of an annoyance.

BTW i have cut down a bit on Caffeine!

Best of luck and for sharing your info.


It's good that you have seen an EP , the cardio that I am seeing is a private cardio but has recently taken me NHS to save me money ( very nice guy ) he basically told me to look at it like this , go somewhere busy and look around you , some of the people are bound to be having heart irregularity and they don't even know about it . Also to be classified as a heart rhythm problem it has to go on for more than 30 seconds, I'm not saying forget about it because it is very scary and it's easy for people to say ignore it when they have never felt it , when it happens to me I think it's my time to go even though ( up to now ) nothing has EVER happened to me other than I panic ALOT and that is probably where the symptoms come from .

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Hi sutty88

I've found the Cardiogists, like yourself ,very caring and always go the extra mile to help whether in practice or in emails which i have found exceptionally kind in the time they give ,and it sounds like you have a great Cardiologist especially changing you towards NHS.

The Cardiologist makes good points in his analagy of a group of people and Heart beats.

I am the same as you as when it happens my panic increases and so starts the vicious circle .I have learnt to.....

not focus (most of the time)on my heart beats and over the months this has worked well.Also ,like my Cardiologist explained i'm my own worst enemy and should focus on other things and try to move on from this,which i know he is right.The more relaxed you are the better our quality of life is and were not constantly in panic mode!We are probably more sensitive to noticing the beats of our heart while other aren't whether it be regular or irregular.

I had over 3 nights starting in the early hours ...Sinus Tachycardia from a bad dream and got myself into a pattern of fear but the fear seemed to be the only danger of making me more fearful of the fast heart beat and releasing more Adrenaline in the body and as the Cardiologist said the worse case your heart would beat fast which is the definition of Sinus Tachycardia which i have had from my teens and should not really have put so much attention on in the first place.

I'm not medically qualified but have learnt a lot from my Cardiologist and i think you will be fine keeping stress levels down not worrying too much and learning to focus away and not give it much attention ..and eventually you won't even notice you heart beats at all like myself as i have only noticed them again since this post😇good health and good luck to you.


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