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Could trapped wind add to the problem?

I don't want to minimise what anyone else is going through as others will probably have a more serious problem than I, but having had tests for Palpitations (feeling of heart stopping, feeling that I am about to black out, coming over in waves) the medication didn't seem to help. I have since discovered that taking two WindSettlers stops this happening after about ten minutes. I have discussed with my GP the possibility that trapped wind might be pressing on 'something' but he doesn't seem to think so - but the Windsettlers work every time! Might help one or two others.

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Hi Frog!

I have always believed that trapped air especially in the splenic flexure ( left side of large intestine) has contributed to increased pvc/pac. I've run this by several doctors- some say "can't happen" but my EP doctor says it's possible- don't know if he is just humoring me or not- lol. But I know for me- feeling bloated definitely increases my skipped beats and my sister-in-law has the same and agrees. Unfortunately for me the gas-x and other meds don't always work right away- but still I feel there is a definite connection!!


Which medications were you prescribed and were you given a diagnosis other than 'palpitations'? Do you suffer from GERD? If so, your palpitations may well stem from it. The vagus nerve goes from the stomach up to the heart and if it is irritated by acid reflux or bad indigestion, it is possible that it can cause symptoms sych as palpitations. Go onto google and enter 'vagus nerve and afib' and you will get some hits. So your self diagnosis of a combination between palps and upset stomach may well be right. Have you seen a cardio?


I also agree that gas can bring on pac and afib. I take miralax and lactulose every so often and it almost always triggers my afib.I STRONGLY believe in the connection!


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