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Heart beat irregularity, mostly extra beats when I get up, turn to the side in the morning or breath in very deeply. Anyone experience this?

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HI so the last week I've been sleeping so so and getting up in the night. I've since then lowered my stress and get to bed earlier and found a way to sleep more soundly to completely decompress my body. However I noticed that on those days where I slept like crap thenight before, a few things happen and as a note have been not as hydrated by drinking water as I should be. I'm now drinking more water also.

So anyways some of the things I experienced

1. When I roll around in bed, turn to my side in the morning, I get extra beats or PVC not sure the difference but like extra beats

2. When I take a very deep breath I get extra beats

3. When I strain to go to the bathroom in the morning I get extra beats.

4. One time I was doing T pushups where I do a push up and turn to one side and form a T with my body and support myself on one hand, I got extra beats.

5. When I clear my throat very hard, i get extra beats or like an extra pulse in the middle of my gut, like where my Aorta is.

I think all of this has to do with the vagus nerve being irritated, stimulated due to stress, lack of sleep, bathroom straining and this nerve regulated heart rate.

I also read that all of this is common and I have no other symptoms that could suggest heart disease or anything. I train, workout with intensity and never get faint, dizzy or even lose my breath. I have sick, conditioning like a fighter. I also don't smoke, don't drink but am stressed as I'm a type A personality so always on the go, do not really decompress consistently and also don't get enough sleep lately nor water. I will try to now.

Anyone else experience this?

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I have suffered from this for many years.Have you asked a doctor about it?

I have, they just say to destress. As I'm in good shape, have a great diet

with heart healthy foods, excercise regularly, etc.

What did your doc say?

Well, at first they said the same as you but last year I was diagnosed with super high blood pressure which is now being successfully treated.They are taking it seriously and I had a five day monitor recently but the cardiologist says that my symptoms are mild.I'm on propanolol which helps.

Glad you're doing better.

Thanks, hope you get sorted out soon.😀

having ectopic beats or extra beats is a whole other ballgame as having high blood pressure.. they are two different things that don’t share any similarities besides that they are both in the heart and blood area

Yes I know that they are different Crash88 but having very high blood pressure can often result in arrhythmias and ectopics which it has in my case, hence the five day monitor and the propanolol.My test showed that I have both atrial and ventricular ectopics as well as short runs of atrial arrhythmia.So you see they are linked.

Hi,from what i remember in the 2009 one day while exercising i got a palpitation it was not due to the exercise for sure as i can make the difference between fast heatbeat when exercising and palpitations.it was for some mins.(stress abt work).and never had one until 2013 when i was pregnant..(stress before and during pregnancy) the palps was for some mins..then gone..i again experience the palpitation for some minutes while at work (stressful work) in 2015 and then it was gone..

Then i developed an extreme anxiety (including the worst Health anxiety) in April 2014 that is 9 months after my baby delivery

Life was not the same since..(issues in personal life)..i was so restless all the time.i could not concentrate.i was not happy inspite of having a baby whom i longed to have many many years..i was in depression.nthg seem giving me happiness.i lost my job and start work in family business..

Still (personal problem) i feel the anxiety more and more. I then once had a panic attack a full blown stress related family issues.i felt i was having a heart attack. I was so afraid..i felt i was standing on fire. From my feet to my hips then to my abdomen. It was burning..i sweat as if i was under a shower..i was shortness of breath..my heart was racing..i was dizzy..i ddnt really know what was happening..later i learn it was a panic attack..after that episode in july 2017 i started having heart palpitation..later same year in aug i was diagnosed with hyper thyroid after medication same yr it was hypo and nxt year it was gone..i ddnt have any type of thyroid..

There start my daily palpitations which wss so annoying and i always fear that snthg is wrong since i have health anxiety..

It was going on n decided to get my test done and all my reports are good..medically am fit but what causes all this palps and pain..its stress as per doctors..i refuse to take anti depressant..i live without any joy..it sucks.one very day 2019 in april i was having digestive issues and family small issue i got a heart beat of 210bpm..i was shocked and fear took me..i was normal..no shortness of breath..no dizzy..no pain..just fear..my bp usually down was 17/9 ..i drank vinegar..lemon and it bcame normal 11/9 but my heart still beating hard..it bcom 200bpm..we rushed to er .was admitted the beat did not lowered after so many trial.i was given xanax and some other drugs to be finally reset my heart.i did all test and no.prob with heart.they said its stress.am on metpure xl25 since 1 year.the cardiologist said its related to some electrical imbalance and that its benign..but it sucks..

I have appointment in march and i know i will be off medication as i very rarely get a light palps for sme mins and am ok..but am afraid if i stop taking it and it happen again..in addition i take magnesium.calcium supplements by myself...

Has this gone away for you, I feel like I’m experiencing the same thing!

Hi yes it has. It's all related to the mind and the vagus nerve. When you are stressed or have anxiety about something or panic,

it will cause this. Don't hold things in your heart esp when going to sleep.

Meditate, relax, visualize good things

Also it's related to the gut. If you have anxiety, you will eventually get GERD or acid reflux, inflammation within the Esophagus and the vagus nerve is nested partially in there, so it controls the heart rhythm. If it is irritated as it is during periods of anxiety or stress you will get Ectopics.

What helped me was

To workout, start and grow a business to get out of my head and so I can focus on something besides my heart or other negative thoughts. Now I don't have time as I have a business to grow, Started eating whole foods, quit drinking/caffeine/sugar/salt, increased intake of Almonds(awesome for ectopics or heart rhythm), Spinach which is high in Magnesium a very important element for the heart, sleeping a bit better, meditation and cutting out toxic thoughts, things and people.

I still get ectopics from time to time but now I know why so I know how to stop them.

Hope this helps

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