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Tired of palpitations: I've had palpitations since I've been in my 30's. I'm 64 now. Mine range from tachycardia to PVC'S. They really don't know what they are because although I've worn a Holter monitor 3 times and another thing that I wore for a month, my heart didn't do anything while I had them on. It's hard to describe what it does because it's different at different times. I also have had off and on throughout my life a mitral valve prolapse. Sometimes it would be ok and other times it would be leaking a little. Don't know if it has anything to do with my flips and flops or not. Had another echo about 2 weeks ago and go back to cardiologist in a few days so maybe I'll find out something. Oh yeah heart disease all in my family so I guess it's not surprising but very frustrating that they can't seem to tell me anything.

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  • Why not invest in a Kardia AliveCor and you'll capture the heart rhythm when you feel bad. Then the cardiologist can advise you

  • FGivens

    Kardia AliveCor

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