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Heart experiment - scared please help

My friend is a nursing student and wanted to use me for a project. He needed an athlete (I run and lift weights 4-6 days a week) and had to record their heart going as fast as possible.

I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I said yes. He had me sprint uphill a bunch of times and recorded my heart. While recording he thought he heard something wrong, though (a murmur?), so when we got back to his place he asked if he could 'reset' my heart.

I was leary but he told me getting my heart rate that high could be dangerous and we should be sure. My heart was kind of beating fast so I said okay.

I laid down and he hit me kinda hard in the center of the chest, like they do on TV shows. My heart started beating abnormally every time he went to reset it though, so he had to do it four times. It was kind of scary, the first time it felt like my heart wasn't even beating and after one of them it started racing.

A few minutes after the fourth one he said my heart was normal again, so I thanked him because who knows what would have happened if he didn't reset it? But that was last weekend and ever since maybe 2-3 times a day my heart will start racing really really fast again. Did I push it too hard? Is my heart okay? He says I'm fine but I'm scared.

Here are the recordings: drive.google.com/folderview...

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I would certainly go to a doctors and ask for an ecg. I am very sporty but have had a lot of issues with my heart and my advice to anyone is that if there is any doubt in your mind go ask. it seems a bit Wierd your friend doing what he did to be honest and you are probably totally fine but worrying is no good so go get it double checked.


Your "friend" being a nursing student should have known what to do, and hitting you hard in the chest does not sound right. I would urge you to seek medical advice as soon as possible.


I'm not qualified to say, but your friend who is a nurse student should not have been using you as a project.

I have taken part in a AF study with my local hospital and it's all under their control, with several doctors explaining what will happen and what will happen during my operation. So I think your friend should have not done any project unless supervisors by qualified doctors under strict conditions.

I would advise that you go see your doctor and tell them what happened and what is happening now. The heart is a vital organ in our body and unless it's treated correctly by those qualified to do so anything could happen. The heart keeps us alive which is good when you think of medical science these days doing what they can to help all of us has a heart patient.

You do need to see your doctor to get an ECG or even ECHO. Just go do it!


Please go to a doctor asap. This seems to be so wrong what that nursing student did. If you heart was out of rhythm, you should be going to emergency not let him/her touch you. Never ever let anybody else then a qualified doctor to do procedures to your heart. Good luck and I hope it will be sorted out soon. Please let us know how it finished and if you are OK now.


Thanks for the comments. This was really scary, I need to set up an appointment with a cardiologist hopefully very soon. My heart is consistently fluttering a few times a day still. Someone on another forum suggested he might have bruised my heart, which is scary, but apparently that just heals eventually.



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