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Hi hopefully someone can help me out here because I'm getting really down. I have had for the past 20 years super ventricular ectopics a high number I'm 35 now. . Was tried with tablets. Didn't work so 2 weeks ago I had an ablasion under general. Since then my premature beats feeling like missed beats are happening more often, well most the day! I was told I should get some after any heart procedure but it's constant. Was told not to worry if I get a few. They should subside. Has anyone else had this after the procedure? Btw the consultant said he thought the op was a success but I'm now more uncomfortable than before. It feels like my hearts just going to stop ๐Ÿ˜ก They said I could start meds again but they never really helped.


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  • Don't know about ventricular ectopic so as I have persistent AF and I have had one ablation. I am also a member of the atrial fibrillation forum. Certainly with AF ablations it can take 3 to 6 months for the heart to settle down. Effectively it is angry from having parts ablated and although not a good analogy because the tissue types are different just think about what it is like if you burn your arm or hand.

    However if you are feeling bad do contact your consultant with a view to bringing forward your post op review.

  • Hello..

    I recently had my second ablation AF and have been told it will take time for everything to settle down, don't only from the procedure but also as it has alway been out of sync. Some people notice that it's gone and other it has been known to take up to a year before it settles. As the doctor reminded me "you have just had your heart fried it will take time to settle" not what I wanted to hear, but if you burn your hand of course it will still hurt afterwards for a while...

    Having said that my first operation Ventricular was a success and that was good, then I found I still had an issue that while still under my hospital they discovered I still had a problem with my heart did further tests to find another area Upper Left AF of my heart where it was out of sync. Hence my second operation.

    Plenty of rest and try to relax, keep in touch with your GP and don't worry. Let your body recover if you still have a problem only further tests will pick it up..

    I have recently had a 24hr 7day monitoring, which has now confirmed I still have a problem with my heart rhythm and need to wait to see the consultant in outpatient clinic...



  • Do feel for you I had mine in August last year and only now am I having days when I feel "normal". As others have said your heart is upset at the attention it's received. Easier said than done I know, but try and rest and there will be a time when you feel better honest!๐Ÿ™ƒ

  • Thankyou. It's good to see it's not just me and everyone else has same symptoms. Puts my mind at ease.

  • I had my first ablation just under two weeks ago and the beats are just beginning to settle.. although I have to be careful not to overdo things for the moment. Some nights it has felt as if my heart has been imprisoned and it is angrily shaking the bars to get out!! I am taking 1.25 bisoprolol in the evening to keep my pulse down.

    Yesterday I went back to work and realized it was probably a bit too soon - even though I had been getting some energy back. I think you may be worrying too much. Do be kind to yourself and your puzzled heart.... hope you get some relief soon...

  • Too son back. Ideally a month minimum I was told.

  • You are so right Peter.... I am now feeling worse again.... particularly with chest muscle pain. The day after the procedure, the registrar told me I could go back to work in less than a week...... Think that was a bit optimistic of him!

  • I think they are crazy thinking you can return to work after a wk! I get the chest aches too. But I do have a hyperactive 4 yr old ๐Ÿ˜„ I go to Spain tomorrow just hope it doesn't play up then.

  • Should have been too SOON !!!!

  • Thankyou. The last couple of days it's calmed. I'm supposed to be back at work in a wk hopefully stays calm. Yes mine is worse at night too. Hope yours gets better.

  • I had my second ablation in February and still suffering myself. As for the tiredness, chest pains and breathlessness that's all new to me, it's not good when most my day is between bed and chair. I'm lucky I work from home, but that is hard to do with the way I'm feeling... We have to take time to recover is what I keep being told, heart sure tells you off when I over do things even if I make myself go out for some fresh air.. Take care

  • It's crap isn't it. You can't help but worry when your heart plays up and starts beating all over the place. I've now started with the uncomfortable chest feeling like a muscle. Seems to be taking forever to get better. It's only been a month though.

  • It's early days yet, the extra beats may take a month or two to settle as the inside of your heart heals from the ablation.

    These ectopic beats are probably different from your original ones and even if flecainide didn't help before it might do now, so it's worth trying.

  • Thankyou they have given me verapamil instead this time. Luckily it's calmed a bit now. I go to Spain tomorrow so hope it stays calm.

  • It took about 6 months for my heart to settle down after the ablation. So you will be better soon. I also started to take Magnesium supplements, high dose, 500mg a day and noticed a big difference. Maybe its worth to give it a try?

  • Hello..

    I had my second ablation back in February of this year. The operation both went well my first operation was 2013 which left me suffering my heart rate was still going to fast. It turned out that the issue I was having was from an other area of my heart which with tests confirmed it was the case. My second operation again has been successful and I'm still having several issues still. In my most recent 24/7 day monitoring it does seem I still have a problem with my heart. Where I go from here I will have to wait until end of June before seeing my consultant in out patients.

    I would think once thing settle for you things will be ok, however there is a possibility maybe you have another heart arrhythmia that they did not pick up on. Having further tests will be done before your outpatient with that it might pick up something like mine did... Take care just don't worry, rest up plenty and wait a little longer.

  • I wish I had a success story to say...only that I read you Amyx and you are too young like my daughter and I am praying for you! Pls keep up posted! All I know is i had a failed ablation for SVT and I have a device. (CRT-T) I ask you to try to get another EP opinion. But i live in USA and it's easy here to do that. Also I heard it can take 6 mos to a year for the heart to heal from the inner trauma of ablation, that's why the doc says to try not to worry! Do as much research as you can, keep notes on your daily symptoms, see if there is a trend by next month ( better or worse) and then in 4-8 weeks try to get appt with your data findings. If they will let you have an appt. it should be because you are too young to have this ruin your life! Only an electrophysiologist can help this, not you! Good luck!

  • It's crap. I feel sorry for your daughter. It's been a month now. I'm back at work but only 2 days a week. Too tired to do more and heart jumping everywhere. I've now started with the chest discomfort too. I've had scans on my heart after surgery and they said the heart itself is healthy. It's just rubbish feeling like this xx

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