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Does anyone have experience of being successfully treated by ablation for flutter but then needing to control/prevent fibrillation?

It seems that now my flutter is gone I have developed or may be reverted to paroxysmal fibrillation. I thought, or maybe hoped, that the palpitations I started getting after the ablation for flutter were just due to the healing process. I was wrong. I started taking flecainide again. 100 mg twice a day. This doesn't stop the palpitations/fibrillation starting up. But if I take 300 mg on onset it stops altogether. Is this a solution anyone else has arrived at? Or if not, any ideas for a way forward?

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I was told by my cardiologist that the only way to cure aflutter was through a full maze (open heart).


Well, the flutter went it's the fibrillation that I have now, which is much worse to live with than the flutter. Why would this require open heart surgery? I thought it was done via a catheter?


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