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Did anyone else suffer palpitations in the early days after successful ablation for flutter?


Having had my ablation for permanent atrial flutter six days ago, which they say has a 95% success rate, it was a bit disconcerting to 3 days later start getting an irregular pulse and palpitations again. These lasted 2 - 3 hours. Today, day 6, I am not sure if I am in Sinus Rhythm or not or what to expect next. Has anyone been there before? I am taking warfarin until the 6 week follow up at least, but have had all other medication stopped.

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Hi Suzanne they say it takes 3 months...my 2nd was 2 weeks ago and so I just expect it to throw a wobbly because its been burnt on the inside and needs time to repair. It seemed to take a week in each case post PVI for my heart to realize it'd had something done to it....took me 4 weeks to feel better and 6weeks to really turn the corner and be leaping around! :-) I'm sorry your suffering a bit but its normal for some people after ablation procedures.

Hi Loo. Thanks for your reply. One week since the ablation today and I am currently having a second episode of palpitations right now! But thanks for your comforting response, as you say it's not surprising that it throws a wobbly after the treatment it's had. I will just bear with it and take one step at a time. Good luck with your recovery. :)

Its called post inflammatory ectopics so try and bear with it I had a crap ectopics day yesterday but I'm not too bad today. Not as bad as last week when my heart felt like it was popping and palpitating but I'm not too bothered..you too in your recovery..... in a couple of weeks you'll start to see the difference!

MissLeBon in reply to Loo61

I had my ablation two days ago. It went successfully but I've had a crazy amount of ectopics since, particularly at night, but reading this post has reassured me that they're are quite normal. It's nice to know others out there are experiencing similar things.

I had never heard of post inflammatory ectopics but now you've told me about them it is easier to cope with them. I hope yours are subsiding now, I haven't had another episode since the second one (both lasted about 3 hours). So far so good for us both! I am using your guidelines for the length of time recovery took you. Thanks.

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