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Chest pressure/tightness

Since I was diagnosed with svt I haven't had a full on episode. I've felt like it was about to hapoen but it stopped.

I've woken up 2 days now with chest pressure/tightness & I'm very aware my heart is beating (feel it in my higher chest & throat) but my heart rate is normal.

I've tried the things the dr said to try & get rid of it but its not working. Any suggestions?

I'm taking bisoprolol but I assumed it would stop me feeling like this. Since being diagnosed I've felt rubbish I know I'm more aware of it now but I just want to feel ok on a daily basis. Does everyone else feel like this?

I've not actually seen a heart dr just a dr on acute medical unit, so didn't have time for questions :(

I am seeing my gp tomorrow so hopefully can get some answers.

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Hi am new to all this so only speaking from personal experience but just been diagnosed with either IST or Atrial fibrillation.....specialist not sure. Am about to start Bisoprol but often I experience tightness of chest with severe pain. I asked specialist about it and he said it's caused by heart going very fast. Good luck.


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