Month after ablasion still feel crap πŸ˜”

Well it's now been a month and half since my ablasion I still feel tired and my heart still going crazy. Loads of skipped beats missed beats all the time. Does not seem to ever calm. Maybe for about an hour a day! I'm now getting aching in my chest too. Anyone else's gone on this long! There seems no end. I feel worse. They said at hospital not to worry but you just can't help it. I feel rubbish! Should my heart not of calmed down by now?? πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


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  • Amy.

    Sorry to hear this. I'm sure things will improve. Just keep in touch with the hospital.

    In short no as it can take 3 to 4 months for the heart to stabilise and recover. Just because you don't have a zip up your front does not mean you haven't had a significant procedure. Just think how long it takes for your hand to heal when it gets burnt and that is a part of your body designed to resist burns!!!

    Not sure if you had an AF ablation but the AFA HUL forum is very much more active.

    Good luck.

  • Thankyou. Think I'm just being impatient want to get back swimming walking etc. No I didn't have af I have superventricular eptopic beats but a high amount.

  • Amy, I am six weeks down the line and still tire easily....but then I went back to work a little too soon. Each week I feel a little better, but I am resigned to taking it easy for quite a while now. Why? Because, along with having had, in my case, a 4 + hour procedure and 5 hours of anaesthetic, the run up to the hospital admission was even more exhausting. I probably hadn't eaten properly or exercised properly for ages as the af had slowed me down so much and for so long. My diet had became rubbish; especially with the warfarin vitamin k issue. Then there was all that weekly rushing to the hospital getting my inr tested. (Was diagnosed last November)

    Of course, it would have helped if the doctors/nurses hadn't said 'take a week of work!'.....leading me to believe that this was an in and an out job!!

    Yes, and I get chest tension.... think that is mostly psychological...but no long debilitating 3-4 hour runs of afib which used to completely flatten me.

    So, take some time out to go easy..spoil yourself and, as someone else suggested, try writing a weekly diary and then I think you will see progress. Good luck...

  • Thankyou. Getting worked up when it's bad makes it 10 times worse. Just need to relax. Spoil myself is a good idea 😊

  • Sorry you are going through it. I had mine done last August, and honestly it's only now I feel like me again. I too thought it was an in and out job, but no.

    Just rest and it WILL get better even though it seems that your life as you knew it is never coming back it will. As was said above just because you've no stitches to sow fir it,you've had an op on you heart and it doesn't like it one bit!πŸ˜•

    A friend of mine used to tell me to keep smiling, I won't say what I thought of that at the time,but it does help to have positive thoughts however hard it may seem.

  • Thankyou. Glad your feeling yourself again. Makes me feel better hearing I'm not the only one

  • Seems by now you should be hearing about heart device? Have you heard about Pacemaker from your EP? Is this something you would ask about to your doctor?

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