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Diagnosed svt yesterday

I had 5 sets of palpitations lasting no longer than 30 seconds on Wednesday morning, ecg showed 130+ bpm approx 3hrs after the last bout of palpitations.

I was sent to hospital yesterday where my ecg was fine but I had shortness of breath & a pressure pain in my chest. I've been prescribed 2.5mg of bisoprolol once a day. I have started them today.

My problem is although I know it won't killme I have alot more questions today now I've got my head round it.

I still have shortness of breath & pressure on my chest, will this go away when the tablets have kicked in?

Will a change in diet help? Caffeine alcohol etc is beong cut down not that I have alot.

Exercise? Can I? Should i?


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Hi vikki24, beta-blockers work to 'block' the beta adrenergic receptors in the heart. These receptors are activated when adrenaline is released in the body, so beta-blockers will serve to reduce its effects when you are active, therefore slowing your heart rate.

When thinking about diet, we advise that keeping a food diary might help so you can identify any foods which might exacerbate your SVT. Reducing caffeine and alcohol is also a good idea. It is ok to exercise; i.e., doing 150 minutes (two and a half hours) of moderate exercise a week in bouts of 10 minutes or more. Our SVT info booklet is available here: but please do give us a call so we can talk through lifestyle and SVT with you in greater depth - 01789 867 501. Many thanks.


Thanks. It was all abit much to take in in a busy hospital at 7:30pm.

I'm of the understanding that I can stop taking the bisoprolol & only use it if needed when I have an 'attack'. Its only been happening the past few weeks & very infrequent. They wanted me to take the meds for abit because I couldn't get rid of the shortness of breath & chest pain I just don't understand why I got the side effects for so long after the palpitations? My chest still doesn't feel right. I thought you had an attack & then felt ok again. Might book in to see my GP again & go through it.


I also have svt and take 2.5mg bisoprolol daily and have done for 2 years since my first diagnosis in A&E where my heart rate was 265 bpm. Since starting beta blockers I have been very well, occasional palpitations but not frequent or scary! I exercise as normal, I cycle to work most days about 3 miles each direction and I have no trouble doing that. I have cut out caffeine completely and just have occasional alcohol. My GP was very reassuring as was the specialist arrythmia nurse at the hospital. I would say do what feels right for you and don't let svt take over, I hope you stay healthy and well :)


Thanks for the reply.

Did you suffer with the pain in your chest days after an episode?? I can't get rid of mine, just assumed the meds would sort it out.

I had my young daughter with me at night st the hospital so when the dr said it won't kill you I was like right lets get the meds & go. I have 3 weeks of meds then I'll go back & talk to my GP. They told me I should be able to stop taking them daily & have them only when I have an you think that's likely?

Also been told by a friend I can't take ibuprofen?!

So many questions after the event.

Going to keep a food diary. Caffeine easy ish to ditch, alcohol will be cut right down, fizzy drinks easy ish to ditch. Need to exercise more too :)


Hi again, I definitely had chest pain at the time but don't remember it carrying on afterwards but maybe you are just more aware of pains etc at the minute, check with your gp or arrythmia nurse who will be able to answer that. I stopped my bisoprolol for a few weeks but found I was having palpitations more often so I was put back on them and now take them daily. I didn't know there was a problem taking ibuprofen and I have taken them, I will read the info leaflet and check if there are any contraindications, but I haven't had any side effects!

Good luck with the food diary and the exercise, I hope all goes well :)


Pains have eased off today, guess the meds kicked in :)

I think the ibuprofen is fine I'm sure they would mention it if it was a problem. Unfortunately I only saw a dr on the medical assessment ward & not an arrhythmia specialist, I was textbook svt so no need to see anyone else. Thanks for your help :)


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