Palpitations in neck

Hi all I'm new to this group and hope I'm posting in the right place! For the past few months I've been experiencing a bounding pulse in my neck (it feels stronger on the right side) and I can see it visibly if I look in the mirror. I've seen the GP who wasn't much help and just referred me for blood tests stating that I had high cholesterol and needed to change my diet! Since then I've visited a&e twice (after speaking to 111). The first emergency doctor did an ECG which came back normal and said I was suffering from anxiety. The second time I visited a&e they were more thorough (despite the ECG being normal again). The doctor ordered blood tests on my thyroid and said he would arrange for me to wear a heart monitor as he couldn't say what was causing the palpitations. He's also issued me with Beta Blockers but I've not tried them yet as I'm concerned about side effects and whether it will do any good! Apparently my blood pressure is normal and my pulse is 96bpm which I've been told is perfectly fine as well. The last doctor was baffled as to why I'm experiencing such a bounding neck pulse and I'm so fed up with it 😥

Bit of background info: I'm 31 yrs old around 5ft2 and weight 9st2. I have three children and suffered preeclampsia in my first pregnancy. My father had a heart attack at 40yrs old and both my grandmothers have had high blood pressure and stents put into their heart.

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  • Well your heart rate is a bit high unless you were anxious at the time. The 24 hour ecg will be useful to detect arrhythmias, but it could all be anxiety.

  • The GP keeps saying its anxiety but I'm just not convinced!

  • Well you could purchase an AliveCor for £100 to document an ecg during the time that you feel it is abnormal.

    What would it take to convince you?

  • I don't know much about hearts but I do know my own body and I've never experienced continuous palpitations like I am at the moment! My thyroid is borderline so it may be linked to that but the GP still insists that I'm fine. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything like this. Sometimes it's reassuring to hear other people's experiences as well.

  • I have thyroid disease and get palpitations. Doctor says it's anxiety. I am not convinced

  • Also had pulse in neck... dr found it was caused by damaged thyroid.

    Was taking amiodarone at the time for af. Dr stopped amiodarone & thyroid settled down. Probably need to see dr again? Good luck

  • If you have a 24 hour monitor and don't experience anything then ask for a 48 hour or better still a 7 day one.

  • Agree

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