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Post hysterectomy problems


Hi there , so completely new this page , so bear with me , I had my hysterectomy last may , ovaries were left but everything else removed, it was keyhole surgery but approximately 2 weeks after surgery I developed immense pain in left hand side prior to bowel movement, I’ve had ultrasound, x Ray , blood tests the lot still no answer to pain but alongside this I have right side numbness that comes and goes , have had mri apparently it’s not neurological, I’m at complete loss as to what this might be any guidance appreciated x

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Hi Huxtaboo

I had a similar experience and it turned out to be adhesions which formed between my bowel and vaginal cuff. The only way to see these is by laparoscopy as they don’t show up on scans. I had mine divided because the pain was unbearable but it’s surgery that causes them so it’s a bit of a catch 22. It’s 2 years since that last op, and all seems well these days, but I found it just takes more time than anyone really tells you for everything to settle down. Hope you get some answers soon. Xx

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Thank you , I did think adhesions also as does my doctor but my gynaecologist said it couldn’t be as I had keyhole surgery 😬 but yeah sounds like a catch 22 x x x

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Oh, it most certainly can be adhesions. I had keyhole surgery twice and both times it caused adhesions. Keyhole is supposed to reduce the risk but not eliminate it. I would not have had the adhesions between my ovary, tube and bowel if it hadn’t been for the diagnostic laparoscopy, nor the adhesions between my bowel and vaginal cuff if it hadn’t been for my laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy. I’m happy to provide you with the name of my consultant by private message if you think that’d be helpful. Xx

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