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Update on hysterectomy


Hi all, it's been nearly 3 weeks since I've had my hysterectomy, and I think I'm finally on my way to recovering. I've had a few infections, one internally and one on the wound, I'm on my 3rd lot of antibiotics, hopefully this will be my last lot. Not been able to go out too much as I've my left hand side of the wound was very tender and the wound hadn't healed properly, (although it has now).

I would just like some advice on what kind of gentle exercises I can do apart from walking, as I have not had any information from the hospital, and when could I start to go swimming.

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please don't even think of exercising yet. There is still alot of healing going on. Everything you do you are using tummy muscles. But just moving around even slowly helps from then shorts walks. Glad to hear your feeling better now ❤

Thank you, I'm just so bored of not being able to do anything, I've not been doing any cleaning or lifting. Will just keep to the gentle walk in, then again I've been back and forth to the hospital in the last 2 weeks the walks along the corridor have been enough. I've been getting plenty of sleep as well. Thanks again.

I can sympathise with being bored I've had an operation and I cant do any lifting for 12 weeks had it on 9th march and I'm getting very frustrated with it. Try an audio book if you have an iPhone it can help you too relax.

It's frustrating isn't it, hope you get better soon. I've not got an iPhone, but I've got a tablet, will have a look for some audio books.x

This leaflet from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists might help. Whatever you do, if it even twinges, stop. Walking is great but don't overdo it. You're still healing and that will be using up a huge amount of energy. Gradually build up how far you walk each day and maybe step up the pace a little if you feel up to it. Don't let the infections go on. If you get another one, ask to be examined and/or referred back to your consultant. As I mentioned before, I had a granuloma that went misdiagnosed as recurrent UTIs for six months and had 12 courses of antibiotics before it was finally treated surgically under general. Don't got there!

Glad to hear your're making progress. Take it steady. Xx


Mi-chelle44 in reply to RachaelE

Thank you. I'm managing to walk to the shop, and I'm managing to do little things to eat. I think the infections are finally clearing up, the one in my wound has gone. I had started bleeding, and it changed to a brown colour with a not so pleasant odour, but that seems to be finally clearing, finger crossed I won't get anymore. I think I will just stick to the walking, and once it's been 6 weeks pre op, then I will ask my doctor when I can start swimming.x

Hi there. I'm 3 months post hysterectomy . I started with very gentle yoga even while in the hospital. I was not allowed into water (bath, pool) for 8 weeks because of stitches at the top of the vagina that healed slowly.

Omg is that how long your not allowed a bath for, I so much prefer baths to showers,lol. I have been sticking to the showers though, just didn't know you couldn't have a bath for that long.Thank you for your advice I will look for some gentle yoga videos online.

Hey Mi-chelle44 How are you doing now? Hope all is going well and you're feeling well.


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