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Low estrogen after excision surgery


So, I am 8 weeKS post op from my surgery to have surgical resection of endometriosis. And this surgery was for endo that returned 15 mths POST supracervical hysterectomy. I had severe endo all over again. They removed my cervical stump and all the endo. Prior to surgery my estrogen level was a 70 which some docs say is good for menopause. Some docs don't. My estrogen level had been around 65 to 70 for the entire 15 mths post hysterectomy. Well....now...8 weeks after this last surgery, my estrogen levels plummeted from 70 to 40. And I totally feel it. Does anone know why that would happen?? Were the endo implants supplying my body with extra estrogen??

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I had a diagnostic lap early September 15 months after a TAH/BSO and I had a fair bit of active Endometriosis and stromal cells in the adhesions which according to my consultant is super rare and makes me special!!!

I’ve done a huge amount of reading/research and the residual Endo would most likely be feeding the Estrogen levels.

My level was also 70 but,not had it retested and I didn’t have full excision at the time, so I’m still suffering!

Our bodies can also generate Estrogen from food and I have to particularly careful which foods I eat to try and keep the stuff from regenerating.

May I ask do you have a follow-up appointment?Your consultant should be offering supportive advice as to your treatment plan especially given this is rare.

Please feel free to ask any questions I would be very happy to offer support.

Best wishes Clare xx

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