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Surgical menopause symptoms



Was wondering if anyone could help me out with some advice or similar experiences. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and then had an oophorectomy in February this year. I started on HRT (oestrogel) immediately after the oophorectomy and had no menopausal symptoms other than slight insomnia which went away when my consultant suggested an extra pump of oestrogel before going to bed.

I’ve now moved to America and I can only get patches included on my healthcare insurance (realising how incredible the NHS is now!!). Since having these I have had headaches every day, awful insomnia, hot flushes, been very emotional and generally don’t feel right at all - I’m assuming these are all menopausal symptoms. I’m not sure whether I need to give my body time to adjust or whether the dose is completely wrong (it’s hard to compare a dose of gel with a patch).


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How are you doing Sylv_99 on the patches?

How did you know how much you were applying in the gel, is it a measured pump?

Im 7 months on patches and although I have no night sweats or insomnia, Im still feeling tired, heavy and a bit achey in my upper arms and shoulders. I had an TALH & BSO so 7 months past in march. Im on a combination of Oestrogen & Progesterone as the Progesterone fights regrowth of endometriosis. I dont know If I will feel better when the Progesterone portion is finished I remember being tired on extra progesterone during pregnancy.

Im curious about tablets, are they not available on your plan?

I feel sometimes my patch moves or becomes unstuck so I feel fearful my dose is steady and feel tablets may work better for me.

Its very confusing isnt it!?

Good luck!


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