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using of knee brace

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Last year I was identified with osteoarthritis of knee and had acute pain. After some medication, I started doing physical exercise for strengthening of knee which gave me good relief and I combined it with knee braces which gave me immense relief. I have stopped complete medication for last five months and I am on exercise and continue to wear leg braces. I swim regularly, hit the Gym for some weight lifting (without giving pressure on knee) and I am comfortable. Some people advice me to stop using braces as it will weaken the muscles around the knees. I feel very uncomfortable moment i stop using the braces. i use it during day when I am outdoor and I remove when I come back home. Can I know whether I am doing the right thing?

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You are your own best judge. The use of weight training to support the joint is an excellent idea. Ultimately I would think the proof of the effectiveness of this would be that there would no longer be a need for the brace when the knee feels strong again.

Training is specific, so nothing quite affects the leg in the same way as standing does, or walking does for example. The greatest benefit of the brace may have been to provide absolute rest while the knee recovered from resistance exercise.

If you are concerned about being over-reliant on the braces, talk to your doctor. Maybe you could use them gradually less and less without risking a (re-) lapse.

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