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Is it correct to have panadol joint for an indefinite period


I am fifty three years old diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and suffering from severe knee pain for last six months living in dubai. Doctor has advised me take Panadol Joint 650 two tablets in the morning and at night time for indefinite time and he assures me of no side effects. Is it ok to follow this advice? The dose gives me a comfort with no pain. I was completely cured of Hepatitis B last four years back and my liver function reports are normal.

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Your doctor should provide good medical advice. However, are there things you can do to promote your own health?

Lowering your intake of carbohydrate, particularly high-glycaemic carbohydrate and fructose, will boost your immunity and repair systems, eating more natural fat instead .


Personally I would stay away from drs and educate yourself about natural cures when you find out what illness you have.


Firstly I suggest you look to what is antagonising your system. Try some testing like You need to get your gut sorted out. A probiotic is a good idea. Then you need to decrease your arachidonic acid (omega 6) intake as this triggers the bad messengers (cytokines) such as IL-6 (interleukin 6) . You will see some drug treatments for your condition are IL-6 supressors. Finally take very high dose, but only if exceptional quality, omega 3 (try Nordic oil). It will be more effective if your sugar/insulin levels are stable. This is addressing the problem, unlike panadol which is just crudely blocking the same pathways and strains the liver.


Personally I wouldn't take them as they make you worse in the end as well as other damage so I believe. You could follow a acid free diet and take cider vinager. I would buy a book that will help make sure it's easy to understand. The diet usually works in a couple of weeks and difrece is amazing. Hope u feel beta soon.


Thans a ton. Eagerly await your response


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