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NF2 and Kidney?

I had an operation to remove a neuroma on the right side of my spine, in 1997, it was only partly removed. I have a permanent pain in the lower side of my right side, I always assumed it was a side effect from the operation, it has been getting worse recently. I find in the last couple of years, after about 4 or five pints, I get a bloated stomach, pain passing urine, sometimes for a couple of days, it never really seems to recover fully, I was off the beer for a couple of years because of this reaction. I returned to the beer slowly, it seemed ok, for a while then it started again? I have had urine tests for other unrelated medical conditions, recently, nothing wrong seems to show up? The pain is worst when I am lying on my right side, I have had acupuncture for this a couple of times which seems to relieve the pain temporary. Could it be some sort of neuroma that is affecting the right kidney?

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Seems to me the lingering right side pain and the pain passing urine are different matters. The pain passing urine would arise somewhere downstream of the bladder vs right side pain perhaps from incomplete removal of the neuroma, or some other consequence of the surgery since it sounds like it has been present since then.


Interesting, some food for thought there!


Hi Adlon57; I would first see a Urologist to find out what is causing the pain when you pass urine, then I would see a Kidney specialist, get some xrays to make sure there isn't something going on with the kidney's. This pain could be what they call referred pain, meaning it's coming from some other place but you are feeling it in the right side. This could also be coming from the spine. Remember that pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong and you need help. Don't wait until it's too late to find out the cause.


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