Blueberries ermmm I don't think so

Blueberries ermmm I don't think so

Hi guys I'm starting to eat healthily as of today and had Weetabix for breakfast with a banana then smoked mackeral for lunch with grapes and a satsuma BUT sadly I left the blueberries for last, now as ive never tasted them before I had no idea how evil tasting they were but I soon found out. I think I will be giving them a miss from now on but would love any ideas anyone has for taking food to work, there is a micro wave and hot water available so any thoughts others than sandwiches would be really appreciated so I can make feeding time at the zoo a bit less boring.


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  • Hi Marley,

    I'm just going to sleep, but I will give your post some thought and hopefully reply when I get a chance. In the meantime, I really like the photo of your lovely fire. Very warming on an Autumn evening - very nice.

    Zest :-)

  • The fire is in a shed in my allotment for cold or wet days and is the perfect thing for sitting reading a gardening book when its to wet to go out and listen to the fire cracking.

  • Hi marley28,

    Would you be able to take a fruit salad with cottage cheese to work for lunch with you? What fruits do you like? You can mix those fruits together in the fruit salad and take the cottage cheese with you. Save everything in the refridgerator and put it all together at lunch time. I usually have fruit salad with cottage cheese when at home and a few bars and a manderine orange or apple at work during the week. I hope this helps.

  • Fruit salad would be ok but cottage cheese is soooo not my cup of tea, I think it is horrible and I have no sense of smell due to working in dusty conditions and about 50-50 taste. Ill try the fruit salad tubs though, thanks for that.

  • See how you feel about it after you try it a few times.

  • What about making your own soups from fresh veg . I cooked some beetroot and blended once cooled with some tomatoes and my husband thought it was great and beetroot is very good for you. You could make enough to freeze and then just pop in micro good luck anyway

  • I grow my own veg at my allotment but making soup is a big step for me {I'm not good at cooking} but I guess its time for me to start, thank you for the suggestion.

  • Blueberries -and strawberries - are more nutritional and healthier than Banana -

    Agree - Blueberries are hard to wash - but eating is easy.

    BEST- make smoothies at home - 1/2 banana. three strawberries, six or eight blueberries,

    1cup coconut water, 1 cup water, -- 1 scoop whey protein, 1 spoon flax seed oil - blend all together - and take to

    work in Thermos or Insulated cup.

    Summer time -a dd several cubes of ice - or 1 scoop choice of Vanila or Chocolate ice cream.

  • I have been itching to buy a blender so this will be a perfect excuse for me to nose around on ebay without getting wrong of my better half.

  • Instead of Blender-- buy a good quality Juicer --

    so sometims -you can also make a Veggie Green Smoothies- healthy and nutritional.

  • If you’re in a rush, usually when I’ve forgotten to do myself something for work lunch the night before I take a round of brown bread and some beans! It’s filling and quick and easy!

  • I was mooching around at work today and found a toaster so beans on toast is a must I think, thank you for your suggestion.

  • I really enjoy it. Much more on brown bread and without butter. Sounds odd but don’t knock it til you try it! The bean juice is enough! :) hope it makes work lunch a tad easier :)

  • :) Perhaps yours were out of season? I like them with yoghurt, but I've found I can't taste them after an hour or so in kefir as it eats all the flavour which can be weird.

    What do you grow, & I'll think up some easy soup recipes. I rely on a veg box for most stuff, & have swapped to a company that lets me change the veg I don't want. my previous supplier kept me on my toes, as I'd have to come up with odd recipes. A wonderful one being bramley apple, parsnip, & beetroot.

    Get a steel hand blender for less preparation time, then you can use it in hot food. I use mine for smoothies too.

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