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Can anyone give me a good recipe for porridge that turns out creamy?

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My grandmother used to make a wonderful version with butter and milk. It was to die for.

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I make mine with 30g oats 175ml whole milk, and a dessert spoon almond butter. That turns out nice and creamy if you enjoy the slightly nutty flavour.

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wiserlady in reply to Fran182716

thank you

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To be honest, I think it matters more how you cook it, more than the recipe itself.

My gran used to start by soaking the oats overnight, in a mix of half water, half milk and a pinch of salt.

In the morning, the porridge was cooked gently in a glass pot, over a moderate heat, stirred frequently (if not constantly), using a spurtle.

I use the same recipe but tend to cook in the microwave for speed. The end product is not as smooth as hers, but it does taste nice

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Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to Cooper27

Agree with Cooper, I forgot to say above that I leave that mixture overnight and cook in the microwave on 80% power for 3 mins, stir and give it an extra 30 seconds still on 80%.

As others say, its in the preparation & cooking. I’m a Scot and we soak the oats in fresh water (maybe need to filter here) and a little salt. In the morning add more water cook very slowly, stirring with a wooden spurtle (wooden spoon if you don’t have a spurtle). We don’t cook in milk but pour some on top of the cooked porridge once in the bowl, sprinkle some demerara sugar and voila!

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wiserlady in reply to magih

Crumbs. My grandma made fantastic porridge. She never soaked it. And we would not have sugar or salt in it as it would no longer be healthy.

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magih in reply to wiserlady

Then each to their own but I have many happy memories of it! Soaking I think assists nutrient uptake, and Maybe in the harsh conditions of northern Scotland, kids needed all the energy, electrolytes they could get.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to wiserlady

A little salt is actually healthy for you, it's too much salt that's an issue :) the porridge uses a small pinch of salt, probably no more than 1/10th of the daily amount. It's key to bringing out the flavour, and it's added during the cooking process. Could your grandma have added it while cooking, and you didn't realise? Unless it was salted butter she used?

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wiserlady in reply to Cooper27

Yes I know we need some salt, bu tmost of have way too much so its best to have porridge or anything at all when we can without the salt. My illness means as little salt as possible, so does my husband's.

I do mine with chia seeds cinnamon and water in the microwave and then stir in a mashed banana when cooked to get some sweetness goes quite creamy 😋

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sounds very tasty and healthy too, thanks so much

I use whole rolled oats and soak them in almond milk and add a little Stewed apple or rhubarb, both unsweetened, just brings in another flavour.