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Criteria of fruit juices

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Hi !

I was wondering something about fruit juices.

Why do you drink fruit juices ? What are your main criteria ?

Thanks !

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Hi Hidden

It's very rare that I drink any fruit juices - the reason for that is that I prefer to eat fruits whole, rather than juiced.

What are your own thoughts about fruit juices?

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest !

I also prefer to eat fruits whole such as oranges, apples and more !

I was wondering why people prefer buying industrial juice instead of eating fruits or do their own juice from their fruits. I have often read that the juices have too much sugar in it and are not as good as real homemade juices!

Thanks for answering !

Marcellin 😄

Hi Hidden I really like freshly squeezed orange juice and have it delivered in bottles by my milkman.

My criteria is it is not made from concentrate or has added sugar or artificial sugars, this means it is high in vitamin C folate and potassium and I really like drinking it as it’s so refreshing. 🍊

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Hey Jerry !

Thanks you for your opinion and your precision ! Freshly squeezed orange juice is by far my favourite but I have to do it myself !

Thanks for your reply !

Marcellin 😄

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I don't drink fruit juices. Most up to date nutritionists will tell you they're bad for you because most have high levels of fructose and little or no protective fibre. You're far safer eating the whole fruit. Some say that you should be careful with fruit and avoid the ultra sweet modern varieties and limit the amount, except for the less sweet high fibre berries like blueberries.

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Hi Eryl !

Yes I heard that nutritionists don't recommand fruit juices at all... thanks a lot for your opinion !

Marcellin 😄

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I enjoy, and eat fresh fruit, especially “Pink lady” apples….. they are crisp and sweet…… but I drink fresh orange juice in an emergency, when my blood sugars are low(I have type 2 Diabetes) the orange juice boosts my blood sugar to a safe level🙂

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