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Organic gardening 7

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The yeld is diminishing but still had a good week

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Still some yeld


Still looks good to me 😊👍

Not badBlack currants no fruit

Rhubarb s some

Tomatoes blight hit them

Chilli yes

Cucumbers yes

Courgettes some

Potatoes hardly any

Carrots a few

You still did very well, and you learned something for next year..I just got a bucket of starfruit today..will show tomorrow..sleep time here now. 😊💤💤

Picked yesterday, will make jam and pickle today.


Wow!!! What a yeld, yes will make good chutney my little crop, pales in significance compared to yours

Star fruit how do they taste? Is this a native fruit of Thailand?

Wow do have a field? Plantation?

That's amazing!!!

I have a couple trees in my city of them is completely overloaded with fruit. I do have some empty fields that we hope to start planting fruit trees on there soon, really looking forward to that..

We have very a different climate to you, but when I lived in London I would sometimes grow brussel sprouts and a few cabbages over winter..

Your crop is lovely and I would gladly swap you a couple of buckets of of my starfruit for half of what you have in your box..😊👍

That looks great, well done to you. Our last potatoes were dug up a week ago and the last of the beetroot which had not been damaged were pulled two days ago - very nice they are too.

That’s a smashing crop Bluelady-sing I’ve harvested all my homegrown now so I’m very impressed so you enjoy your lovely homegrown veggies. 😊

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Hi Bluelady-sing

Your produce looks really great. Lovely variety and I bet it was flavourful.

Zest :-)

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Bluelady-sing in reply to Zest

The raspberry were lovely

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