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Leftover Vegetarian and Gluten Free Chili From Last Night For Lunch

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Hi everyone,

Today, since there were leftovers from last night's dinner, I decided to have them for my lunch. I had gluten free beefless ground meat, pinto beans, diced tomatoes, chunky mild salsa and a blackberry Greek yogurt. The entire meal with the yogurt was: 53 carbs.. It was really good and all the items for the chili blended their flavors together very nicely. I'm hoping to have chili night, again sometime next week, but it depends on if we have all the ingredients that we need to cook/prepare it. Each time you cook the chili, there's usually a bowl for another meal either the next day or two days from the original cooking night/day a person had it. :-)

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Hi Leah, This is perfect dinner leftover for lunch you have. 😋👍

I am just started with my plant based beefless ground too and it tastes wonderful. 😁👍

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Chilli recipe as I can learn to make it next time. 🤗

Perfect healthy and delicious meal, top it off with yummy blackberry Greek yogurt for a total of 53 carbs is amazing! ❤️

Enjoy your Friday and i am looking forward to many of your fantastic meals! 😊🙏🌺

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to GreatMindfulness

Thank you for saying this, Koko. I really enjoy having leftovers for another day/night and the flavors blend so nicely together. The blackberry yogurt flavor goes well with the chili and I would try to get that one, again if it's available. If not, I would go for a mango or pineapple flavored yogurt. :-)

I can't believe how low carb. the meal was-- even with a yogurt to go with it. Without the yogurt, its total would be closer to 40 carbs.. :-)

Definitely Leah, I will have leftovers for my lunch tomorrow as I find them even more savory the next day and I don’t have to worry about lunch tomorrow. 😁👍You have amazing variety choices of Greek yogurts so satisfying our dessert tastebuds and healthy is a plus! 😁👍

Yes a 40 carbs meal is unbelievably awesome! ❤️

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to GreatMindfulness

Thank you! That's absolutely right. Healthy and low carb. meals/snacks are great for me personally so the blood sugars stay nice and even during the day. More protein and less carbs. keep me from getting hungry too fast, too soon.

Yes, leftovers help for a new meal so you don't have to worry about planning something last minute each day/meal. :-)

You’re welcome Leah. 🤗🙏Even right now we can be healthy but we don’t know things change as time goes by as everything is accumulated through our unawareness in food.

Definitely protein helps keep us full longer and too much carbs will affect our blood sugar. People get so sleepy with heavy meals as their blood sugar rises up.

Yes usually I can’t finish whatever I cook so it’s always a plus to finish them the next day! 😁👍

Your lunch sounds fulfilling and the fact that it was a leftover is bonus points

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Imaaan

Yes, that's right. Very filling and healthy while still being leftover. :-)

Hi Activity, am glad you sometimes mention the carbs in your meals, it a great reminder for me to not get carried away again..🙂

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Happyman4

You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps to add the carbs. into the postings. I will be doing this from now on if I can.😀👍

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Chilli is great isn't it Leah? It's so forgiving, so that as long as you have a good spice mix, whatever goes in it, it tastes great. I love it. Yours sounds delicious. It also loves being kept for a leftover too as its taste matures and makes it extra yummy!

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Callendersgal

That's right, Sue. Some foods left for the next day or two are better tasting then the original first day/evening. :-)

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