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Todays lunch home made brown seeded gluten free bread roll with salad.

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Hi everyone,

I guess one area I'm lucky is I bake my own gluten free bread and this morning I baked a large loaf and a baguette so it was freshly baked which I like and I filled it with cheese and salad.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and stay safe as we are in unknown territory.

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Hi Hidden ,

This sounds and looks fantastic.:-) The bread turned out really well. :-)

What cheese did you use to mix with the salad?

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Thanks Leah I love home baked gluten free bread and I had strong cheddar cheese as it has bite. 😀

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Sounds good! I think we may have some in the fridge here (hopefully). :-)

Hi Hidden there are a lot of differences in baking with wheat and gluten free. Gluten has very elastic properties so is perfect for bread. The other thing most people miss is the gelatinisation temperature of wheat compared to other grains as wheat starts to cook at 48C whereas soy is 78C rice 72C this is why gluten free flour mixes are just that a mix of gluten free grains.

You cannot knock GF bread back and you have to replicate the gluten.

Good luck with your baking. 😊

Hi Jerry

That looks lovely and very healthy as well. The bread looks so good.


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Hey thanks Alicia :)

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