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Anyone doing a dry january ?


Day one is easy. Have such a hangover and a never again mantra thing going on in my head!

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Hi Portlandprincess

Glad to hear you've managed Day 1 of your Dry January. Sorry to hear you're suffering from a hangover though. I hope you feel better soon! I'm sure you're not alone, and that mantra thing will no doubt be in many people's heads at the moment.

I'd like to wish you well with managing the Dry January. You can do it!

Zest :-)

Thank you Zest. Yep I'm well and truly on this. Since completing couch 25k I feel invincible. (Except for new years day)

Yay to feeling invincible - that sounds great!!! Well done, and you'll reap the benefits. :-)

Zest :-)


Hope you’ve managed to have plenty of water today and now feeling better! I’m doing dry January, I don’t drink much alcohol, only average 2-3 units a week, but I’m back to calorie counting to lose the last bit of weight and don’t want to “waste” any calories on alcohol that can be food instead!

My weight issues are all alchohol based. So I'm expecting the weight to drop off. Especially as I've completed couch to 5k.

This might interest?

Thank you. Very useful. It's great to post somewhere everyday x


I've never intentionally followed dry January, but I have had the odd dry January when I've been on medication. It's not too bad, but I think it can be harder when you're doing it as a challenge :) I hope you have an easy month!

Going well so far.🤗


Hi Portlandprincess I don’t drink anyway so don’t think that counts. We have a link to Dry January under events please see:

And good luck as they have tips to help you achieve this.

Jerry 😊

Thank you

I downloaded I am sober which is working for me so far.

me .. haven’t drank much over christmas or new year. No hangover now . but i fighting to say good bye to it forever !

I don’t drink everyday but i do binge .. say every Friday or every Saturday ... it effects my Psychology negatively .. enhances my Anxiety and Leaves me depressed the next day. As i’m getting older after drinking the negative emotions worsen tremendously ! It’s not my friend .. so hopefully left it behind in 2019. I wish you all the best in your Dry January

I've downloaded I am sober app. I really like it so far. And a water drink reminder app. So feeling positive so far. Good luck to you on your journey too.

Hi Portlandprincess,

I'm not doing the official dry for January, but I am going to cut down massively this year. Have struggled with alcohol, but weirdly not because of the alcohol. I love the taste of lager and whisky, so if I could find non-alcoholic whisky that'd be my tipple of choice.

However, it is getting in the way of my weightloss, so that's why I'm going dry. I hope you manage to stay dry through January, but also cut down after that also.

Good luck.

Similar for me. I've completed couch to 5k and the weight is not shifting cos of lager...and gin. I know it will get easier after a few days.

Abstained for whole of 2017 to see if I could. During 2019, decided to abstain from alcohol until I’d completed C25K. Didn’t touch or think about it or for 3months. Back on the sauce now as enjoy a good red wine or a decent whiskey but seldom drink. Good luck with your January Alcohol-free Quest. You’ll feel much better for doing it 👍😊

I've managed a few weeks of no drinking but now I've completed couch to 5k I really want to thank my body and feel even better. Especially after new years day. Yuk!!

Think that’s a great idea & know you’ll profit from it. You’ve made a really good start. Try shopping at different store so you not tempted by your usual route to the alcohol aisle or avoid that area of the shop. Worked for me! Drinking plenty of water helps too. You’ll notice an improvement in your skin quality & overall energy. Good luck. Look forward to your next posting 😊👍

Im doing dry January and all i think about is drinking ive managed 2 days im drinking nosecco its alcohol free prosecco. I watched all my family drinking red wine but it was ok as i had my fizz in a nice glass and felt the same. Taking 1 day at a time as i normally drink daily with very few days of not having a least 1 drink.

I did a few weeks dry and found I didnt drink so much when I return to drinking...however felt so bad on new years day...I've downloaded I am sober app. I like it.

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I drink lime & soda. Enjoy the sparkle & know I’m not missing out. Happens to be very cheap which is a bonus! Well done you’re doing great. Keep it going 😊👍

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Thank you day 3 all ok so far but had no stress yet so thats the test .

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Well done that’s a great start👍 What is the stress?

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