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Matcha Tea - too many options

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Hi, I am on a detox/reset diet at the moment (fish&rice) and it seems Matcha Tea is a good thing to drink. I went to a local supermarket and found lots of options. The big difference was the percentage of Matcha they had.

Teapigs pure was £10 for 14 bags, thats 71p a cup, so I thought I would find out a bit more before going this route! The box is £10.

Sainsburys own has 5% Macha granules and is £1,50 for 20 bags. That's the highest of the others but is the granules bit relevant?

Twinings Matcha has 2.5% and is £2.60

Mint Matcha Green has 2% and is £2.80

The only reason I mention the price is the teapigsone is a lot more.

So my question is what percentage should I be looking for, pakka websites say 2% is enough for the benefits (not sure how many cups they are talking but they are implying 1 I guess).

I am on a detox diet as I have stomach problems, it seems to be helping but I do get a lot of wind. I seem to have problems with gluten, sugar, strong coffee and stuff that is very fatty.

Advice on Matcha tea would be good but general advice also obviously useful.



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PS there are many other options but I brought the last 3.

I am currently taking part in the Pukka trial they are doing at the moment on Lean Matcha tea - you need to have been be signed up on their website and previous customer. Their recommendations is that you need to drink 2-3 cups daily, every day for 2 weeks and avoid taking more than 1 caffeinated drink per day, Again it contains 2% Matcha and is blended with other teas, herbs and spices. Tastes delicious.

They also teamed up with River Cottage to produce recipes from their Matcha powder - you may be interested. I tend to buy direct from them.

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Hi funkytwig

I haven't tried the Matcha Tea - but I'd like to wish you the best with your eating plan, and hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

Zest :-)

I would not consider matcha or green tea in general as a solution for gut issues. Yes they help with general health. But to solve your underyling gut issues I would head over to Gojiman on youtube and check out his approach.

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